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Charles Grodin: Farrah Fawcett Was ‘as Nice a Person as I’ve Ever Met’

CAPTION: "She's been on my mind more lately," Charles (above) told us of Farrah.

"She's been on my mind more lately," Charles (above) told us of Farrah.

Ten weeks before Farrah Fawcett died tragically of cancer at age 62 last week, one of her silver-screen co-stars was singing the actress’ praises – and rightfully so.

Interviewed in April on Mr. Media, Charles Grodin reminisced about working with the beloved beauty in the 1979 comedy-thriller Sunburn.

“Farrah? Just as nice a person as I’ve ever met. Just couldn’t be nicer,” he told host Bob Andelman.

“I had love scenes [with her], but I never went out with her. She was a darling – and is a darling person,” he continued.

“I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about her. And I know people who know her a lot better than I do.”

sunburnAlso during the interview, Charles recalled how a bit player in the flick “accidentally” assaulted him while filming.

“I was supposed to be unconscious and he was supposed to punch me while I was lying there,” he said.

But after breaking Charles’ nose, the actor said to the leading man:

“You have all these love scenes with Farrah, and I have a big crush on her.”

To hear Charles’ full interview, click here.