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Happy Blogsteinversary, Dr. Blogstein!

Since February 13, 2007, Dr. Blogstein, his Radio Happy Hour and his co-hosts have tickled the funny bones and touched the cockles of our hearts on BlogTalkRadio.

Tonight at 9pm ET, they’ll celebrate the Blogsteinversary by spending the hour patting themselves on the back and discussing how great they all are.

As a bonus, they’ll also have the great guests you’d expect from The Radio Happy Hour. The #1 most read blogger on MySpace, Super Jabs, will share “what every guy would love to say but won’t and what every woman thinks but won’t speak of,” and more. Just in time for Valentines Day!

Also, comedian Johnny Dam and a few surprise guests will appear to wish the gang a Happy Blogsteinversary!

As a side note, here is another excellent example of a host using this news to do some great promotional work. Blogstein was featured in two articles today in local publications.

Congrats on one year and some great press, Doctor!