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The Best Super Tuesday News, Coverage, Opinion is on BlogTalkRadio

The quality of content, guests and hosts you can find on BlogTalkRadio, the Internet’s first live social talk radio network for citizen broadcasters amazes me.

Super Tuesday Our hosts are smart, informed and passionate – the triumvirate of success in talk. And on Super Tuesday they are here to prove it. Hosts from all across the network will be covering and commenting on this important day for America.

Whether you want hard hitting conservative political punditry from Heading Right Radio, in-depth discussions at the Vlogger Roundtable, the best in metal politics, the biting criticism of professional comic Nick DiPaolo, or something of your own choosing, BlogTalkRadio can sate your thirst for Super Tuesday and Election 2008, today and for the rest of this campaign year.

And if you live in a Super Tuesday state, get out there and vote!