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Healthy Vision with Dr. Val JonesTopping off your contact lens solution, instead of fully cleaning out your contact case and putting in new, fresh solution, is a major contact lens “don’t.” On the new episode of Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones, optometrists Jason Pingel and Christi Closson join Dr. Val to talk about all the “dos and don’ts” of soft contact lens wear. Tune in here. In conjunction with the show, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. has developed a new educational resource, Healthy Vision & Contact Lenses, available at www.acuvue.com/press. Tune in now.

Frank Fontana of The Down and Dirty

On Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, catch Fred Noe, author of Beam, Straight Up: The Bold Story of the First Family of Bourbon. He is a seventh generation Jim Beam family distiller and has experienced first-hand the history of bourbon whiskey in America. During the Craftsmanship segment, meet Brian Mollohan of Ruby Street Brewing. If you’re a home brewer looking for high-quality stainless steel systems, this is the man you want to talk with. Tune in here.

Join Joy Randel, as she chats with Susan Smith, President and Owner of PetTravel.com. PetTravel.com has provided information and essential products for traveling worldwide with a pet for over 14 years. Additionally, they assist in the transport of unaccompanied pets from the United States or Canada all over the world. Tune in here.