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The Power of Conversation in Broadcasting

Old fashioned radio disc jockey broadcasting

Having a conversation is something we do all the time, a part of everyday life. However, the power of the humble conversation as a marketing tool is being re-evaluated by marketers around the world as they are starting to see what an integral part of a communications strategy it can be – especially when it comes to broadcast media.  AdWeek stated that

the lack of strong scripting creates a spontaneous flow, which leads listeners to repeat these conversations to their peers, their friends and their families, creating their own versions of the discussion and making new connections.”

This is particularly applicable to radio where conversations have the opportunity to last for longer periods of time compared to TV or video, meaning that in turn they become more natural and consequently draw listeners in. So, let’s take a look at conversation and how you can use it to your advantage in your content strategy!

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From The BlogTalkRadio Vault

You’ll see on the homepage today we’re featuring some of our content from the Best of Page.

Our hosts have reeled some great guests onto the network in the time we’ve provided this platform. Occasionally, we like to remind long time listeners and introduce the Best of Page to the new listeners.

Whether you come to BlogTalkRadio for one particular show or host, with over 82,000 shows in the longtail, BlogTalkRadio has lots of other outstanding exclusive content you should check out.

So, From the Vault this week:

Brad Pitt
The megastar spoke about his Make it Right project in New Orleans
Yoko Ono
Replay of the exclusive live interview with artist Yoko Ono about the Beatle years
John McCain
BlogTalkRadio’s exclusive interview with the Republican presidential nominee

BlogTalkRadio Feeding The Long Tail

Looking back at April 2008 shows us we’re still growing strong. In addition to all the conversations we’ve facilitated, we continue to add content to The Long Tail and provide a breadth and depth of content you’d be hard pressed to find housed on any other site. With over 70 categories and thousands of hosts, BlogTalkRadio is feeding the beast in record numbers. Take a look at these stats, for April:

  • 11,000 shows broadcast and archived
  • A total of 2.99 million listeners in April
  • 2,700 different hosts completed at least one show
  • 67,000 unique shows listened to in April
  • 87,000 unique shows in long tail

I find it interesting that 77% of the shows produced since we launched BlogTalkRadio were listened to at least one time in April.

Chris Anderson‘s Long Tail theory, for example, predicts that demand for products not available in traditional bricks and mortar stores is potentially as big as for those that are. Take a look at the graph from Anderson’s site below.


The red part are the big hits, the top sellers. The orange part of the graph is the Long Tail, the niches, which the theory says is where the new growth is coming from now and will continue in the future. BlogTalkRadio and its hosts continue to add powerful, fresh content to those niche audiences. BlogTalkRadio is out to prove the Long Tail theory, that demand for content not available in your traditional media channels will be as big or bigger than what you can find on them. Our continued progress in this arena should be of interest to potential business partners and advertisers who want to capitalize on this growing demand for niche content – as well as our audiences who want that relevant information.

We’d love to hear from you; join the conversation.

Alan Levy, CEO

Now Streaming on iTunes Radio: BlogTalkRadio

BlogTalkRadio channels are now being streamed through iTunes Radio. So far, the Flylady and Heading Right channels are available on iTunes streaming radio.

Simply launch the iTunes application on your PC or Mac and click “Radio” in the left hand column to access the iTunes Radio selections.


This will open a world of new content. Find the “Talk/Spoken Word” category and click the black triangle next to it to view all the streams. Double click which BlogTalkRadio stream you want to tune into and – bam! – you’re streaming BlogTalkRadio Channels on iTunes.


The BlogTalkRadio development team will be creating streaming iTunes channels across our wide variety of comedy, sports, entertainment, finance, and other programming. Stay tuned for more. Literally, stay tuned with iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRadio Hosts Celebrate One Year as Citizen Broadcasters

We get a lot of emails from hosts who are excited about what BlogTalkRadio has given to them. Many of those hosts are now celebrating one year as citizen broadcasters. It’s wonderful to see how those hosts recognized the BlogTalkRadio platform as a way for them to showcase their own talent and fulfill their dreams, share their knowledge and help other people. These hosts have put in the time and energy and their audiences are growing because of it. Congrats all.

Way back in October of last year, The Sasquatch Experience and artist Michael Bell celebrated one year on BlogTalkRadio. In November, Jason O’Brien celebrated one year of doing the Oscar, Oscar! show and in December, Anthony Brice of Six Degrees knocked out his anniversary show. Those are quite impressive achievements.

More recently, the Geeks at Movie Geeks United celebrated their one year anniversary just yesterday. With an all star guest list, these fellows have been doing themselves – and BlogTalkRadio – proud. Also, Tony Reeves Esq has been doing In The Know for one year this month.

March welcomed The Daily Suplex Radio show, Meggy Moon Talk Show, Around the Spectrum sports show, to the one year club. The ladies at Army Wives Talk Radio

Back in February, the ever entertaining Dr. Blogstein celebrated his one year Blogsteinversary and The AZ UFO Show and Queens of Internet Radio hit a year.

January saw Pointless Drivel Live, Definitive Cinematic Retrospective and How THE BIG MAN sees it hit the one year mark.

And those are just a handful of the shows that have celebrated one year “On Air.” We thank them for all they do as they start their second year of broadcasting on this social radio network. If you’ve got something to share or want to tell your BlogTalkRadio story, drop us a line at testimonial@blogtalkradio.com.

Congratulations, hosts. Keep talking. We’re listening.

BlogTalkRadio Goes On Campus

Driving home today in my car I had an idea. BlogTalkRadio is a new medium in the blogging world, and we all know that taking blogging to another level is just too good to be true, us prolific bloggers all need to experience Blogtalkradio to appreciate the new level that it takes you to.

My idea was this, college students, utilizing BlogTalkRadio. Whether it be for their own internet radio station, a special interest group, or political campaigning on campus etc.

How wonderful would it be if you were a journalism major, and you could actually log onto BlogTalkRadio, set up your own show, and get your feet wet in the field of radio broadcasting.

Or if you are in a special interest group, being able to reach virtually millions of people with your cause, or even a point counterpoint session between two political groups on campus.
BlogTalkRadio allows up to 5 people on the line at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

A professor can also hold a special lecture on BlogTalkRadio, and not only can he take calls for a question answer session, his students can download for podcasting later.

Even reporting live from a College football game is possible. All you need is a phone, and someone manning a computer.

For the next few months we will be heading up a big endeavor to get the word out to college campuses. If anyone feels BlogTalkRadio would benefit their school, feel free to Email Alan Levy at alanlevy@blogtalkradio.com or yours truly Amydomestico@blogtalkradio.com.

Lets talk!! Because that’s what this is all about after all, hearing from you the people.

Amy Domestico