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BlogTalkRadio is Live!!

Well, I must say that we are realy excited that Blogtalkradio has gone live!!

We woke up this morning, quite early I might add, to find a nice piece on Techcrunch.

“Podcasts are fun to listen to, but they’d be even cooler if you could listen live and IM your feedback to the host in real time. The soon to launch service BlogTalkRadio will make that possible”

“Will a significant number of text bloggers want to go live by voice through a service like this? I’m not sure they will, but if they do BlogTalkRadio looks like a good service. It’s certainly trying to cross some barriers into easy multi-media self production – and make it live. In cases where the two media are integrated well this could be very cool.”

I must tell you, that we’re not sure either but we are beefing up our storage capacity just in case. Within a few hours of the Techcrunch piece, blogshows were set up in Germany, France, and the Mauritian Islands. We also have our first political candidate, the Democratic candidate of Hawaii scheduled on August 21. Personally, I think BTR will be a teriffic platform for political candidates.

I am sure we’ll have our share of bugs and mishaps along the way, so please bear with us. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc please drop me a line at alanlevy@blogtalkradio.com.