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Kris Kringle Comes Early to BTR (and Stays!)

Ho-ho-ho, merry August!

Internet Santa: Ho-ho-ho, merry August!

What could be better than a Christmas chat with Santa Claus?

Chatting with the jolly old gent all year ’round, that’s what.

Beginning today (yes, we know it’s nowhere near December), Internet Santa will be taking calls from boys and girls who want to get a jump on the Christmas rush.

But more importantly, he’ll be talking to them about troubles they may be having at home, in school, on the playground or in any other areas of life that require a little wisdom, touch of TLC or hearty ho-ho-ho to help keep them atop his – and everyone else’s – Nice List.

So don’t miss Talking with Santa Claus Live and In Person today at 11 a.m. ET – and every Saturday from now on.