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The Rise of the Non-Blogger

The non-blogger is taking over the blogosphere.

Who is the non-blogger? He is the financial advisor who closely follows a couple reputable stock and financial blogs but never posts comments. She is the entertainment executive keeping tabs on the pulse of the market to gauge emerging trends. The non-blogger has perhaps dabbled in blogging but can’t keep up with the daily posting; or prefers to only occasionally post comments.

As blogs have grown in popularity, they have become a staple of daily internet life – not just for bloggers, but as sources of information for non-bloggers.

But Isn’t Everyone a Blogger Nowadays?
Looking at the numbers, you’d think so. Technorati has indexed over 47 million blogs. Social networking sites like MySpace, FaceBook, and Catch27 don’t often get indexed and I remember somewhere that there are roughly 50 million social networking blogs.

That puts the blogosphere at close to 100 million blogs. 100 Million!

But that does not equal 100 million bloggers. Unfortunately, many of the blogs indexed on the web are no longer operational. The majority of bloggers write a few posts and then their desire to blog dies out.

Additionally, several bloggers operate multiple blogs. So though the numbers are quite staggering, the reality is that there aren’t nearly as many bloggers in the world as you would initially expect. Instead, what we realize, is that there are far more non-bloggers.

Why do non-bloggers refrain from keeping a blog when blogs have become a staple resource for personal and commercial benefit? The fact is that many people don’t have the time to dedicate to daily posts. And frankly, the majority of people don’t like to write.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the blogosphere could accommodate non-bloggers as more than content consumers and allow them a platform for communication and interaction as well?

If You’d Rather Talk Than Type…
You’re in luck! BlogTalkRadio.com will officially launch within the next weel to allow you to host your own talk show! Each BlogTalkRadio.com host will have the choice to maintain a blog within BlogTalkRadio.com or just host their show.

That way, hosts who already have blogs don’t have to alter their existing blog, but keep updates and comments about their show separate, on our site.

For hosts who have never kept blogs in the past, they can now promote, communicate, and connect with others in a live talk show format, no longer limited by their ability or preference to write. They can try out our blogging feature or just stick with hosting their talk show.

Either way, BlogTalkRadio.com is allowing bloggers and non-bloggers to unite in a new media platform that reaches new segments of the online and offline audience.

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