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‘Wilshire & Washington’ Host Ted Johnson: Blogger of the Year

The Los Angeles Press Club has named BlogTalkRadio’s own Ted Johnson Blogger of the Year.

But we can’t say it came as a surpise to us; we’ve been a fan of the Varierty managing editor’s incisive writing ever since he joined the network last year.

CAPTION: Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted: No. 1 on the web.

Ted was honrored for his Wilshire & Washington blog, which “highlights the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics.”

Specifically, the LAPC singled out his September 5 column, “Arrested Development and The Night at St. Paul,” which the judges called a “compelling story with great descriptions that affected many members of the media” – as well as “a great read.”

Held last night at Universal City, the 51st Annual Southern California Journalism Awards recognized the best work of 2008.

To read Wilshire & Washington on Variety, click here.

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Ron Howard Apes Richard Nixon: “Don’t come up behind me like that!” Cracks the Director-Cum-Impressionist

Fans of ’60s TV know him as Opie Taylor.

Fans of ’70s TV know him as Richie Cunningham.

Fans of ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s feature films know him as the creative force behind such hits as Splash, Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.

Now BlogTalkRadio fans know Ron Howard as a Rich Little wannabe!

I am not a politician!

Ron: I am not a politician!

In a Wilshire & Washington interview about his latest directorial effort, Frost/Nixon, which tells the story of British talk-show host David Frost’s 1977 interview series with Richard Nixon – for which the then-resigned president was paid big bucks – Ron launches into a dead-on impression of Tricky Dick.

“Everybody that you interview who knew Nixon – no matter how much they loved him – they can’t help but do ‘Richard Nixon’ at some point,” Ron tells W&W host Ted Johnson.

“You know, he said to me, ‘Please don’t come up behind me like that!’ And they have to do that and it’s so funny, which is why I really wanted Oliver Platt [in his role as Bob Zelnick, executive producer of the Nixon-Frost interviews] to go full-out in his scene,” says Ron.

To hear more from Ron about Frost/Nixon, which opens Dec. 5 and stars Frank Langella as Nixon, click here.