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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and our hosts at BlogTalkRadio are dressed in costume and ready to hit the airwaves.

Our Halloween programming runs the gamut from shows the kids will enjoy, to some seriously frightening broadcasts.

jackolantern.jpgAt 3pm ET, check in with Book Bites for Kids, as the author of Prom Dates from Hell joins the show for an interview. This Young Adult novel is sure to put a smile on your face.

For some tips on how to manage mountains of sugary candy that comes pouring in after trick-or-treating, join Connie from Stop Sugar Shock Radio. At 3pm ET she welcomes a bevy of guests: the FlyLady and Leanne Ely, Dr. Lisa Hark, and CNC and Dr. Jill R. Baron. These experts will give us the lowdown on halting Halloween havoc!

For the really scary stuff, tune into TAPS Paranormal Radio at 6pm ET, as they cover the Ghost Hunters LIVE from Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Now, I’ve seen pictures of that place, and I would not want to go in there. Make sure you listen to this show with a friend and the lights on!!

For a historical perspective on Halloween, join Teo Ruiz, the Carnegie Foundation’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year, professor at UCLA, and frequent contributor to The History Channel. Teo joins Fausta’s BlogTalkRadio Show at 9pm ET to talk about spooky Halloween traditions sleepaway-camp-movie-poster.jpgthrough the years!

At 9pm ET Earth Frenzy Radio will discuss UFOs and Red Fireballs, and debate whether we are being invaded. Expert Nancy Lieder weighs in on the increased sightings this Halloween night.

Finally, at 10:30pm ET, Rico and Pauly of Fruit Salad welcome actress Felissa Rose, best known for her role as Angela Baker in the 1980s cult horror classic film Sleepaway Camp. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry folks, it seems Felissa survived!

Whether you are trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, opening the doors for the ghouls and goblins, or visiting your local cemetary to be scared out of your wits (me), make BlogTalkRadio a part of your Halloween celebration!