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‘Jobless Talk’ Host LaDona King in Christian Science Monitor: ‘Even though I’m scared to death, I am able to keep a joyous attitude’

This week’s media-relations props go out to LaDona King, founder —and de facto leader—of the 99ers, a swelling national grass-roots movement to aid the millions of jobless Americans whose unemployment benefits have run out.

In a Christian Science Monitor report titled “When Unemployment Extensions End, a Movement Rises: The 99ers,” the paper writes of our Jobless Talk host:


“King says she became a ‘zealot for the unemployed’ as an antidote to her previous ‘deep depression’ caused by joblessness,” The Monitor writes of our hard-working host (above).

“Out of full-time work since 2006, LaDona King says she’s nearly penniless, having used up her retirement savings, exhausted unemployment benefits, and tapped relatives for as much help as possible. Before long, she may have to move in with one of her two sisters.

“But Ms. King, of Escondido, Calif., is far from giving up. Even as she spends 40 to 55 hours a week looking for work, she’s founded…the so-called 99ers.

“Named for the Continue reading