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Programming Highlights; March 3, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.
Today’s Programming Highlights:

18100-for-christieAlso at 1 PM Brian Back, founding editor and publisher of Sustainable Industries Journal, talks about his passion for clean energy, green building, and environmental technology, and what he sees for the future of the eco movement in All Things Health.

brian-back-for-christie3At 630 PM Master Shake welcomes Brian Cuban, Mark Cuban’s brother, from Dallas to talk about his work on his blog, The Cuban Revolution and his upcoming book.


18057-for-christieAt 7 PM PositiveDr. Tomás Lafayette Picard, author of Mental Housecleaning: Attitude Adjustments You Can Do in the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Mind talks about his unusual approach to positive thinking on Aging Younger


650741_356x237At 8 PM Grammy-nominated pop singer and founding member of beloved boy band 98 Degrees, Jeff Timmons, discusses his solo career, social media projects, and charity work on The Alan Levy Show.


for-christie-goldsmithAt 10 PM The Movie Geeks continue their pre-Oscar festivities with exclusive interviews with Best Documentary nominees Rick Goldsmith and Judith Ehrlich of The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.

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Visionary Vintner Jake Kloberdanz: We’re Doing Business with the Mondavis

It’s not often that you find wine-industry scoops on these pages. But thanks to ONEHOPE CEO Jake Kloberdanz, that’s what we’re serving up today.

Interviewed on The Alan Levy Show, Jake, whose California winery donates 50 percent of its profits to a variety of charities, revealed a new relationship with family members of the late Robert Mondavi, the fellow Golden State vintner who built a billion-dollar global brand.

CAPTION: "We're excited to have a relationship with the Mondavi family," Jake (above) tells us.

"We're excited to have a relationship with the Mondavi family," Jake (above) tells us.

“We’re going into Napa- appellated wines next year with the Mondavi family,” the entrepreneur, 26, told host Alan Levy.

“Rob Mondavi Jr., the grandson of Robert Mondavi, and Michael Mondavi over at Folio Fine Wine are going to be Continue reading

Tea Guru Cindi Bigelow’s Big Giveaway

You may not know her face, but you know – and love – her brews.

Today on The Alan Levy Show, Bigelow Tea President Cindi Bigelow stops by to discuss how she has helped grow the company into America’s leading producer of flavored teas, with annual sales of more than $120 million.

CAPTION: Cindi: Sinfully delicious teas for all seasons.

Cindi: Sinfully delicious teas for all seasons.

Headquartered in Fairfield, Conn., Bigelow – which was founded in 1945 by Cindy’s grandmother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow – employs 350 people and produces in more than 1.4 billion tea bags annually at three manufacturing facilities. Continue reading

Organizational Gurus Dan and Chip Heath ‘Stick’ to Their Knitting on ‘Now Is the Time’

Great minds think alike – whether at home or in the office.

Take Marla “The FlyLady” Cilley. If she isn’t the world’s greatest home-organization guru, we dare you to find someone more deserving of the title.

  CAPTION: Chip (right) and Dan Heath’s six “principles of stickiness”: simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions and stories.

Uncluttered bothers: Chip (left) and Dan’s six “principles of stickiness” are simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions and stories.

But good luck with that, because Marla’s not only co-author of the 2007 bestseller Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself, and author of 2002’s Sink Reflections, she holds the record for world’s largest Yahoo user group!

And, of course, she’s the wildly-popular host of BlogTalkRadio’s FlyLady and Friends Show!

Or take Alan Levy.

He, as you no doubt know, is founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio. Since its 2006 launch, BTR has emerged, he says, “as the dominant player in the latest media trend: live, interactive broadcasts that are immed- iately available on-demand.”

To wit, Alan’s a rapidly-emerging, global medium now sports a monthly audience of more than 3.5 million listeners.made-to-stick

And, of course, he’s host of The Alan Levy Show.

So it’s no wonder that Marla and Alan make a great team on their weekly co-hosted show, Now Is the Time.

Nor is it any wonder that Dan and Chip Heath make perfect guests on that show.

After all, Chip’s a professor of organizational behavior at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Dan’s a consultant at Duke Corporate Education.

And together they are authors of the critically-acclaimed book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, which has enjoyed stints on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek best- seller lists.now-is-the-time2

Not only that, but they pen a Fast Company column as well. And guess who’s cited in the most recent edition of that column?

You got it: our own Marla Cilley.

To tune in to tonight’s meeting of the minds with Alan, Marla, Dan and Chip – at 8 p.m. ET – click here.

To read Dan and Chip’s Fast Company column, click here.

And to read Dan and Chip’s blog, click here.

Reinventing Advertising with Joe Marchese on BlogTalkRadio

Alan Levy welcomes Joe Marchese, a respected thought leader in the social media and advertising industry to BlogTalkRadio. Joe writes weekly for MediaPost publications and has also keynoted various digital advertising and media summits as well as contributed to a number of national publications as an expert on new media.

Marchese Joe Marchese is reinventing advertising through his company SocialVibe.com, by recognizing the power of the people within social media and converting media dollars into charitable donations. He’ll go into detail on The Alan Levy show today at 4pm ET.

SocialVibe recognizes that individuals hold the key to generating attention and wielding influence in social media. It’s a powerful new way for brands to interact with people and changing the way brands participate in social media. Find out more today.

Robert Scoble Talks FastCompany.TV on BlogTalkRadio

Noted technology blogger and host of ScobleTV, Robert Scoble, sits down with BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy today.

The Scobleizer will join The Alan Levy Show to discuss Scoble’s new role as Managing Director of the new video network FastCompany.TV from Mansueto Digital today at 3pm ET.

Scoble’s daily video series, ScobleTV, will be featured on the newly launched FastCompany.TV. Scoble is highly regarded for his coverage of emerging technology trends from both start ups and established tech companies, especially in the Web 2.0 and social media space. He covered BlogTalkRadio’s new site launch in September 2007.

Join the conversation via text or phone on The Alan Levy Show and get the inside scoop on ScobleTV, Scobleizer.com and FastCompany.TV.

[photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr]

How To Make Money Hosting A Show

Million dollar question, isn’t it? Join BlogTalkRadio CEO Alan Levy and Director of Advertising Sales, Frank Neill tonight at 6:30pm ET to get the answers.

How to make money hosting a show This special 6:30pm ET edition of The BlogTalkRadio Insider will talk about “How To Make Money Hosting A Show” with special focus on the new Revenue Sharing Program. They’ll go deep into the program and take your calls to answer all of your questions.

To find out more in the meantime and to opt-in, please visit the Revenue Sharing page on BlogTalkRadio.

Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra on BlogTalkRadio

This is very important: Do you know what Technorati is? If you don’t, then you should, especially if you are a BlogTalkRadio host.

Technorati Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media, Technorati is the recognized authority on what’s happening on the World Live Web, right now. The Live Web is the dynamic and always-updating portion of the Web. We search, surface, and organize blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as “citizen media.”

As a host on BlogTalkRadio, you are a citizen broadcaster and should be aware of how your blog can extend the reach of your show. Technorati can help people find your blog and show.

Richard Jalichandra, President and CEO of Technorati, is a special guest today on The Alan Levy Show at 4pm ET. Hear more about Technorati then.