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Weekly Best: Friday, August 30, 2010

robert-schimmelSadly, comedian Robert Schimmel—who’d been battling cancer for a decade—died last night from injuries sustained in an Aug. 26 auto accident. Ever gracious, Robert told Mr. Media in 2008, “Time is the greatest gift anyone can give you. The time you gave me today, that’s mine now.”

Healthtopia Radio’s Bonnie Bella hits the boards with Lucille O’Neal, whose 7-foot-1 baby boy is one of the greatest NBA stars of all time—Shaquille O’Neal. Lucille will chat about her new book, Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Wealth.

Timothy Hodge kicks it with rapper Paul Wall, who hit the scene in 2005 with his debut album, The People’s Champ. Known for his pimped-out dental work, the Houston-based artist released his fourth CD this summer—Heart of a Champion—which cracked the Top Ten Rap Albums list.

Robin Milling flashed back to 1992, when she got busy with with David Bowie, who was about to tie the knot with Iman. “I’m very pro on the idea,” the flamboyant glam rocker said of marriage. “I don’t think there are any disadvantages whatsoever. I think it is a glorious union.”

The Amazing Kreskin opened up to Mr. Media about his ’09 prostate cancer diagnosis. “Not one single person around me—my closest friends, my staff, my road manager—had any idea,” he said. “The only person was my accountant, because of keeping the books and expenses.”

Less than two months after undergoing heart surgery, Dick Cheney is hard at work on his memoirs—and raring to fly from Virginia to his beloved Wyoming, daughter Liz told Aacons: “What he’d really like to do is get back on a drift boat on the Snake River and do some fishing.”

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