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Wall Street Journal Spotlights BlogTalkRadio Host

When Kat of The Burb Blog started a website called TackyChristmasYards.com as an outlet to complain about her neighbor’s holiday decorations, she had no idea how many Americans could relate.
theburbbloglogo.gifOn her blog and her show on BlogTalkRadio entitled Suburbs and the City, Kat, a married southern California girl stuck in the suburbs of the Midwest, and her two co-hosts Kyleen and Chandra talk chat about the issues they face in their respective geographic situations. The show stems from Kat’s Burb Blog where she talks about neighborhood gossip, PTA meetings, and the drama of suburban life.

In her observations in the ‘burbs, Kat noticed increasingly unsightly holiday decorations, and thus she had the idea to create TackyChristmasYards.com. The site took off in popularity, becoming a safehaven where net surfers could post photos of their neighbor’s tacky Christmas decorations and receive sympathy and support. The Wall Street Journal caught wind of it, and the rest is history.

Tune into the special holiday episode of Suburbs and the City where the gals talk about their experiences with the website.

Read The Wall Street Journal’s article Abominable Snowmen: the war on lawn decorations.