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Missed Tynisha Keli on ‘Hip Hop Entrepreneur’?

If so, no need to fret because she – like thousands of other fabulous guests – Tynisha Keli is yours for the downloading here on BlogTalkRadio.


And ever.

Last month, the Warner Bros. recording artist, who left her Bedford, Mass., home at age 14 to pursue a singing career in Hollywood, chatted with Hip Hop Entrepreneur host Tiffany Janay.

“Don’t be shy about promoting yourself,” says Tynisha.

“Don’t be shy about promoting yourself - and your music,” says Tynisha.

In addition to plugging her upcoming album, The Chronicles of TK, which drops in February, Tynisha revealed to Tiffany how she broke out of the pack the “old school way” – on the Internet, that is, despite knowing nothing about cyberspace when starting out.

And boy did she ever break out: Within weeks of posting it on MySpace, Tynisha’s first single boasted more 1 million downloads!

Now 23, the Mary J. Blige- and Lauren Hill-influenced Tynisha has built up a huge following on her YouTube channel.

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