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Doobie Brothers Frontman Tom Johnston: Michael McDonald Was a, ah, ‘Blessing’ for the Band

We’d be fools to believe that original Doobie Brothers vocalist and guitarist Tom Johnston wasn’t a little—just a tad, mind you—envious of Michael McDonald.

After all, it was Michael who propelled the band to superstar status in 1979, by composing and arranging What a Fool Believes, which snagged them their first-ever Grammy Award. Three Grammys, in fact—for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Vocal Arrangement.

CAPTION: "I left the band in ‘77 because I just decided this isn't working for me," Tom (above) tells us of his Doobie departure. "I just left and went and played baseball for a year."

"I left in ‘77 because I decided this isn't working for me," Tom (above) tells us of dumping The Doobies. "I just left and went and played baseball for a year."

Co-written with Kenny Loggins, the tune, which hit No.1 on the pop charts, featured backup vocals by none other than Michael Jackson, who also sang on two of Michael’s (McDonald’s, that is) other tracks from the Minute by Minute album: Here to Love You and Minute by Minute, the latter winning The Doobies their fourth Grammy, for Best Pop Vocal Performance.

Interviewed on Icon Fetch, Tom—who co-founded The Doobies in 1970 but was replaced by Michael in 1975 due to a peptic ulcer—reflects on Michael’s contributions to the band.

When host Tony Peters points out that Michael took Continue reading

Daily HighlightsTuesday; September 28, 2010


Icon Fetch’s Tony Peters rocks out with Tom Johnston, who co-founded The Doobie Brothers in 1970—and who’d crank out hits like China Grove, Listen to the Music and Long Train Runnin. The frontman will chat about the band’s new album, World Gone Crazy, which drops today.

Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman sits down with MSNBC political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell, who won an Emmy for his work as a producer on NBC’s The West Wing. The Dem of many talents will fill us in on his new MSNBC show, The Last Word, which bowed last night.

Movie Addict Headquarters’s Betty Jo Tucker grooves with filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, whose 2009 Music by Prudence—about an impoverished and severely disabled Zimbabwean singer-songwriter—bagged an Oscar for Best Documentary.

The Bottom Line Sports Show hangs with former NFL wide receiver Matthew Hatchette, who played for the Vikings and Jets—before taking up acting. Having done guest turns on How I Met Your Mother and Boston Legal, Matthew’s now moving to the big screen, in Stonerville.


FMMK Talk Radio host Johnny Tan gets up close and personal with Kathleen Koch, who spent 18 years as a CNN White House correspondent. The Peabody Award winner will discuss her new book, How My Mississippi Hometown Lost It All and Found What Mattered.

AACONS’ Marie Stroughter goes one-on-one with political commentator David (brother of Rush) Limbaugh, whose new book, Crimes Against Liberty and Tyranny: An Indictment of President Barack Obama, probably won’t make it into the Obama Presidential Library.

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