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Chelsea Staub: ‘I Have a Crush on’ Joe, Kevin AND Nick Jonas

So it’s finally out: Chelsea Staub is indeed infatuated not only with Joe Jonas, but Kevin and Nick, too!

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the 20-year-old cutie, who plays the Jonas Brothers’ stylist, Stalla, in the new Disney Channel series JONAS, reveals her feelings for the superstar trio.

“I hear a lot of people say, ‘The Jonas Brothers are like brothers to me,’ and in my case, that is not true,” Chelsea, who first made her name as star of 2007’s Bratz: The Movie, tells host Zachary Sang.

CAPTION: “Right now, I’m just really enjoying life and dating,” the now-single Chelsea (above) tells us.

“Right now, I’m just really enjoying life and dating,” the now-single Chelsea (above) tells us.

“I think they’re adorable and I can honestly say I have a crush on all three of them.

“They are like the dream guy. They’re rock stars. They’re really – it doesn’t hurt to look at them – they’re gorgeous, and on top of everything else, they open doors and pull out chairs and compliment the way you look.

“It’s just like, Wow! Perfect package.”

But then she sets the record straight on the exact extent of her affection for the boys.

“I feel really lucky that I get to be around them and work with them and have a relationship with them that’s not actually a romantic relationship.

“We have a really cool ‘friend’ relationship, so I kind of get the best of both worlds in the sense that I love to be around these guys… but no, I’m not dating any of them.”

Earlier in the show, Chelsea also clears up rumors that she and Joe were in fact an item – after she got snapped cozying up to the middle JoBro in California in March 2008.

    CAPTION: With Joe in Santa Monica last year: One of the pics that set (jealous?) tongues wagging.

With Joe in Santa Monica last year: One of the pics that set (jealous?) tongues wagging.

“I met the Jonas Brothers a couple of years ago. So we were able to kind of stay in touch and remain friends, even though people weren’t aware we had already filmed [JONAS].

“It was kind of like, Who’s the blonde girl hanging out with Joe? At that particular point in time, the boys are touring and they aren’t home a lot and we don’t get to see each other a lot.

“At that point in time they were in LA, they had a couple of days off. So we just decided to go hang out, go shopping, check out Urban Outfitters, go down to Santa Monica Promenade.

“It was my first encounter with paparazzi, and coming home and opening up my computer and having pictures of us together or turning on E! News and having them talk about it.

“It was just very, very bizarre. It was such a weird place for me to be in because I didn’t mean to upset anyone and I wasn’t doing it like, Oooo, I hope people get to see me hanging out with Joe Jonas.

“He was just a good friend and I was really excited to see him.”

During the hour-long interview, Chelsea also reveals:

—How awkward it was co-starring with Steven McQueen – whom she’d just broken up with after a two-year relationship – in last year’s Disney Channel flick, Minutemen.

—Why she cringes at the thought that there’s a video out there of her “singing in one of my mom’s dresses – with balloon boobs.”

—Why oceanUP.com is like “our version of Perez.”

—How she and BFF Nicole Gale Anderson were both up for the role of Stella in JONAS – though how it all turned out peachy in the end.

—What her and her gal pals’ favorite snack is while sitting home on the couch dishing about boys.

—Why it seems that every time she goes to a theme park, she winds up buying new sweats.

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Miley Cyrus’ BFF Mandy Jiroux: Our Age Difference Is NOT an Issue (but I AM a Better Burper Than She Is)


"It's not a big age difference," Mandy (above) tells us of her 4-plus-year spread with Miley.

Mandy Jiroux may be on the verge of turning 22, but that’s not too old to be hanging out with 16- year-old Miley Cyrus.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Mandy dismisses chatter that the four-and-a-half-year age differ- ence between she and Miley makes her a poor role model for the Hannah Montana star – or otherwise impacts their BFF-ship.

“That’s been said for like a year now, since we’ve been really good friends, and it’s not [an issue]. Age is nothing but a number, and as long as you have stuff in comm- on with that friend, I don’t think it really makes a difference,” Mandy – who has been co-starring with Miley in the YouTube hit The Mandy and Miley Show since February 2008 – tells host Zachary Sang.

“Miley’s really mature for her age and we have a lot in common and we care about each other. So that’s all that really matters.”


"She just needed a friend to talk about it with," Mandy says of helping Miley through her painful split with Nick (above).

And when Zach asks Mandy, “Would you say you’re a really good role model for Miley?” she simply replies, “Yes.”

As for differentiating factors, Mandy – who first met Miley while touring with her as a dancer on Miley’s Best of Both Worlds concert tour – is quick to point out that she’s got the poptart beat when it comes to at least one bodily function.

Jason Earles [who plays Miley’s older brother, Jackson, on Hannah Montana] came on the show. He said that Miley farts on-set and they play farting and burping games. Is there truth to this? Does she fart and burp?” asks Zach.

“Yea – but so does everybody. But I must say, I’m definitely a better burper than she is. I can burp on cue,” says Mandy – before letting one rip.

Mandy also discusses how Miley’s breakup with Nick Jonas brought her and the Disney superstar together.


With Miley (left) on their hit YouTube show, which has racked up nearly 18 million views.

“[It wasn’t] until the last Best of Both Worlds tour when we started becoming really close. She was going through a rough breakup [with Nick]. And I was going through a difficult time with a friend.  So we just kind of like found one another and just became best friends,” she says.

“I helped her through a breakup, she helped me with the rough time,” adds Mandy.

“Any girl out there knows that when you go through a serious breakup with a boyfriend, it’s just hurtful. So, you know, you just have to be there for her in every way.”


One of the pals' controversial MySpace pics (Mandy left; Miley right), leaked in March 2008.

During the hour- long interview, Mandy also:

-Weighs in on Miley’s new beau, singer-model Justin Gaston, telling Zach, “He lives with my brother now.”

-Reveals that her pop group, The Beach Girl5, are on the verge of an- nouncing a new TV show.

-Recalls how she and Miley got the inspiration for The Miley and Mandy Show.

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SoundBits: Zachary Sang’s No Average Sophomore

For a 16-year-old high school student, Zach Sang sure makes a lot of waves in – and out – of cyberspace. Three months ago, while chatting with fellow BlogTalkRadio host Dr. Blogstein, the Wayne, N.J., resident outted Jim McGreevey as a Hannah Montana fan. That, by revealing that the former N.J. governor had tried to bribe his way backstage at a Miley Cyrus concert – a hot item that wound up in the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column. And speaking of Miley, her TV brother, Jason Earles, dropped in on Zach’s WZAP Radio last month to chat about his hit Disney Channel show, and wound up dishing about Miley something fierce – so much so that his comments were picked up on gossip sites as far away as Brazil. Meanwhile, Zach has become something of a Disney maven, having interviewed Camp Rock‘s Jordan Francis, The Suite Life: On Deck‘s Debby Ryan, Sonny With a Chance‘s Sterling Knight and other budding stars who call the entertainment conglomerate home. And now, heeeere’s Zachary…


Zach (above): Former hoofer, future media sensation.

Give us a 15-second pitch for your show – why should listeners tune in?

WZAP Radio is an all-teen station, which means teen guests, (mostly) teen listeners and a teen host! I cover the news, celeb gossip and interview your favorite celebrities, all in an hour and a half. Pretty impressive! OK, if you’re over 30 years old, tell your kids to listen. Because they will most definitely know more about the guests and about the show then you will. (lol!)

Tell us two things listeners would be surprised to learn about you?

Ahhh… good question. I tap-danced for about six years. That’s pretty surprising, because I’m a “manly man.” And my second thing is, I’m a huge fan of the song No Average Angel by Tiffany Giardina. I love her and she is soooo nice. She evens stalks me sometimes. But it’s cool! (I hope you’re reading this, Tiffany.)

Who’s your broadcasting hero?

With the love of his (professional) life Tiffany Giardina.

With the love of his, ah, professional life, Tiffany Giardina.

I love Todd Pettengill from WPLJ 95.5 in New York. I’m also a big fan of weather- man Bill Evans, who used to be with WPLJ until he moved to WABC-TV. I’ve known Bill for a while, and he has helped so much. He got me into the whole radio thing. So if it wasn’t for him, I would not be answering these ques- tions now.

If you could book any person on earth as a guest on your show, who would it be and why?

Miley Cyrus! Because I’ve interviewed every one of her best friends but not her – yet. I’d also love to book the Jonas Brothers. I’ve actually met them and they’re cool guys. But who knows, they might come on in July!  (I hope you’re reading this, Nick, Joe and Kevin.)

As we speak, what are you wearing?

Oh, God! I’m wearing my “PJs” – a white T-shirt and sweet plaid shorts. (For the record, I never wear this outfit in public.)

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My Son’s a Latin Lover, Says Jonas Brothers’ Mom

They may all wear purity rings, but at least one of the Jonas Brothers is a veritable Latin lover!

Interviewed on Homeschool.com Radio, the superstars’ mom, Denise Jonas, reveals what her home-schooled sons’ favorite subjects are.

     CAPTION: “It’s so valuable to help your kids learn real things that matter,” Denise (right, with Kevin, Joe and Nick) says.

“Boy, with that passion, Kevin just excelled at it,” Denise tells us of her son's Latin mania.

Kevin loves literature and he loves Shakespeare. He also loves etymology, which is amazing. And he loved and he studied Latin,”  says Denise of her eldest boy (left), now 21.

“My husband and I disagreed on if he should take Latin or Spanish. And I said, ‘He has a passion to want to do Latin. Let him do that,'” she tells tells to host Rebecca Kochenderfer.

Frankie [8], our little one, is in love with science. Nicholas [16] loves English. And Joseph [19] – I don’t know that he has any fav- orite.”

Denise also discusses the home- school curriculum she favors for her musical prodigies.

“That would be Accelerated Christian Education, which is Lighthouse Christian Academy. It works because of our travel schedule. And for my older boys, online stuff is just fabulous,” she says.

But Denise’s exclusive chat about home-schooling doesn’t end there. She also discusses what she likes most about it.

“It’s so valuable to help your kids learn real things that matter,” Denise (right, with Kevin, Joe and Nick) says.

Hangin' (when not studyin') with mom: “It’s so valuable to help your kids learn things that matter,” says Denise, with (l-r) Nick, Joe and Kevin.

“Everything’s an advantage. For instance, it’s great that we can take our kids to a mid- night screening of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience be- cause we home- school – and we can sleep in ‘til 10 o’clock!”

Shot in 2008 during the band’s “Burning Up” tour, the 3D flick opens February 27.

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The Jonas Brothers’ Mom on Home-Schooling Her Trio (and a Shout-Out from the Lads Themselves)

CAPTION: Know your Jonases: (from left) Nick, Joe and Kevin, with Denise at the Grammys Feb. 8 in L.A.

Know your Jonases: (from left) Nick, Joe and Kevin, with mom Denise at the Grammys Feb. 8 in L.A.

In the past three months alone, the Jonas Brothers have headlined at The American Music Awards, rocked Times Square on New Year’s Eve, sang with Stevie Wonder at the Grammys and performed for then-President George Bush during then- President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration festivities.

(A few days later, incidentally, they hid in a White House closet, where – much to the girls’ delight – First Daughters Sasha and Malia Obama turned them up as the grand prize in a scavenger hunt.)jonas-bros-movie-poster2

And today at 2:00 p.m. ET, their mom, Denise, drops in on Homeschool.com Radio to chat about how and why she and husband Kevin home-schooled their sons – and how that edu- cation contributed to the pop idols’ success.

But before that, the boys them- selves, Nick, Joe and Kevin – whose new flick, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, opens Feb. 27 – phone in a shout-out to their “fellow home-schoolers” and Homeschool.com Senior Editor Rebecca Kochenderfer.

To tune into this exclusive event, click here.