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BlogTalkRadio Marathoners Report on Boston Bombings from Runners’ Perspectives | 04.16.13

BlogTalkRadio runners Share info & Insight on Boston BombinGS

by The Marathon Show in NEWS

Immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings, BlogTalkRadio’s Marathon Show host Joe Taricani went live, sharing info and perspectives with fellow runners calling in across the U.S.


by The Sports Chronicles in SPORTS

Major League Baseball celebrates the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier, on the heels of the release of the film 42. An hour into the show, Soledad O’Brien, host of the documentaries Black in America and Latino in America, reflects on the impact on civil rights.

Hear the 97th Annual Pulitzer Prizes announced

by Columbia Journalism in CURRENT EVENTS

The 2013 Pulitzer Prizes were announced live from Columbia University as part of a special event on BlogTalkRadio. Host Sree Sreenivasan welcomed guests for event analysis and interviews about the highest prize for journalists, authors, poets, playwrights and composers.

Must-Hear Music: Go Under the covers with Mickey Dolenz

by FlyLady and Friends in MUSIC

Singer Mickey Dolenz of The Monkees talks about his new solo CD, Remember, a scrapbook of covers with special significance in his life. Guitarist Phil Keaggy and Producer David Harris also join in. Hear audio clips of this amazingly textured music!

Small Biz Tips: Comedy’s role, college debt & the latest Ponzi scheme

by Barry J. Moltz in ENTREPRENEUR

Stress-reduction expert Judy Carter shares how comedy can help your business, while Scott Baxter offers hope for the college debt issue. Plus, get informed about the latest Ponzi scheme.

The Shield’s Michael Chiklis Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio: Nov. 8, 2010


Michael Chiklis, The Shield star talks about his return to serial TV, in ABC’s No Ordinary Family, which tells the story an American clan who gain supernatural powers after a plane crash in Brazil. Chatting with host Bob Andelman, Michael delineates his particular abilities.


Micky Dolenz:  In 1991, the pop icon recalled auditioning for NBC’s The Monkees. “I don’t consider myself a drummer, but I do consider myself a guitar player,” he told host Robin Milling. “I had to quickly learn to play drums—and certainly played adequately for what I had to do for the band’s light pop rhythms.”


Cynthia Bailey, the newest castmember of The Real Housewives of Atlanta—a former model who has also done guest turns on New York Undercover and The Cosby Show—fills Film Festival Radio host Janice Malone in on how her romance with beau Peter Thomas is unfolding.

Ryan Sutter, Trista Rehn’s pick on ABC’s The Bachelorette—whom she wed in 2003—joins The Stupid Cancer Show’s Matthew Zachary to discuss his work as a young-adult cancer advocate. Plus: First Descents founder Brad Ludden and the Outdoor Program’s Lisa Goldstein.


Delfeayo Marsalis, the jazz trombonist, who has also produced Grammy-winning works for such A-listers as Harry Connick Jr. and Spike Lee—as well as for brothers Wynton and Branford Marsalis—drops in to chat with Jazzin Em Up host Cres O’Neal about his upcoming CD, Sweet Thunder.
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Ronnie James Dio: 1942-2010. ‘I’m Building Something that Will Allow Me to Carry on as a Musician,’ Rocker Said in Lost Interview

The heavy-metal world has lost one of its greats. Ronnie James Dio—who, in 1979, replaced Ozzy Osbourne as Black Sabbath’s frontman—passed away Sunday at age 67 after a battle with stomach cancer.

Twenty-four years earlier, the hard-rocking singer chatted with host Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman, then a pop-music critic for the Tampa Tribune.

CAPTION: "I want to be prepared," Ronnie (above) said of keeping busy-and funded-during his retirement.

"I want to be prepared," Ronnie (above) said of keeping busy—and funded—during his retirement.

During the 35-minute, never-before-aired interview, Ronnie, who also sang for Elf and Rainbow during his 50-year career, discussed how he was preparing for his golden years.

“I just bought a building, in Los Angeles—on Sunset Boulevard,” he told Bob.

“It’s a building that was owned by Charlie Chaplin. It’s going to be a sound- stage for videos; for full-scale productions. It also has room for smaller bands. We’ll potentially have a recording studio there on the property.

“Again, something to ensure that, later in life, I’ll be Continue reading

Flashback to Davy Jones: Does Monkee Begrudge Beatle?

Sounds like Davy Jones is a tad green-eyed when it comes to one of the surviving Lads from Liverpool.

Interviewed on The NeverHood, the former Monkee frontman gripes about earning a living as a performer these days.

CAPTION: "You keep yourself in the best company and you keep your horses in the worst," Davy (above) tells us of training winners.

"You keep yourself in the best company and you keep your horses in the worst," Davy (above) tells us of training winners.

“There’s a lot of impostors out there,” he tells host Ethan Tudor W. “They’re all vying for the same job.

“The economics of the country right now is such that you gotta price yourself in the right place.

“Not everybody has got the Paul McCartney American Express connections,” continues Davy, whose next concert appearanceas a solo act—is tonight, April 30, at the Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

“But then again, I’ve seen a lot of Continue reading

Programming Highlights; March 8, 2010

Tune in to some great content from today on BlogTalkRadio.
*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

Today’s Programming Highlights:

hole-for-christieAt 10:30 AM Barbara Mahler, a traditional medicinal healer who lost some close clients and friends in the events of 9/11, talks about her book for children The Hole in the Sky, which seeks to explain to and comfort those affected by the tragedy with Who You Callin’ Old.


davy-jones-for-christieAt 1 PM The Neverhood welcomes Davy Jones, star of the hit TV show and beloved band The Monkees to chat with us about his life, career in music, and his love of horses.



for-christieAt 2 PM Deirdre Breakenridge, President and Director of Communications at PFS Marketwyse and a veteran in the PR industry, joins Hugh Macken to talk about how she leads the new wave in marketing and PR.


chick-for-christieAt 3 PM Tona Michelle talks with transgender activist Earline Budd, president of Gertrude Stein Democratic Club for LGBT Jeffrey Richardson, and Dennis Slade Jr. who has worked with BiRequest and BiUnity.


forgotten-for-christieAlso at 3 PM on Tomorrow will be Televised, special guests include Mark Friedman, creator and executive producer of ABC’s The Forgotten, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, executive producers of Merlin, and Matt Dearborn and Tom Burkhard, executive producers of Zeke and Luther.

dude-for-christieAt 8:30 PM Rundgren Radio welcomes Bill “Sputnik” Spooner, a musician, guitarist, and songwriter, and the founder of The Tubes, a theatrical rock band, to talk about his satirical music and lyrics.


mtv-for-christieAt 9 PM Talk Entertainment welcomes Jonnie and Ben from The Buried Life on MTV to talk about their travels across America to complete their life lists and help strangers do the same.



At 10 PM Ten Year Vamp, a band from upstate New York led by the sultry Debbie Gabrione, join Vinny Bond to talk about their music, and how it feels to be voted Best Rock Band in the Metroland Reader’s Poll for the 5th year in a row.

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