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H-h-h-h-h-heeeere’s Jay! ‘Stuttering John’ Melendez: ‘I Definitely Have a Job’ on Leno’s New Show

Well, that mystery’s cleared up.

Come September, former Tonight Show announcer “Stuttering John” Melendez will join boss Jay Leno in the lantern-jawed funnyman’s 10 p.m. slot.

How can we be certain?

Last night on Olivia Wilder Times, John told host Olivia Wilder in no uncertain terms that he’s still in Jay’s good graces.

CAPTION: “It hasn’t been defined. But I’m sure it will be soon,” John (above) tells us of his new prime-time NBC gig.

“It hasn’t been defined. But I’m sure it will be soon,” John (above) tells us of his prime-time NBC gig.

“I definitely have a job. I’m not sure in what capacity the job will be,” he said of The Jay Leno Show, which debuts Sept. 17.

“I do a lot of things on the show. I do the warm-up, I write stuff, I’m in sketches and bits and I do the – I’m the announcer.

“I know I have a job. I’m just happy to be there.”

It wasn’t but nine weeks ago that John was anything but sure about his future at the Peacock Net.

During an appearance on Mr. Media in April – two months before Jay handed over The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien – John had no idea if he’d still be employed by Jay.

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t heard yet,” John told host Bob Andelman.

“I’m assuming I’m going in some capacity – although assumptions aren’t always good. But I really do hope that I am.”

That in turn prompted John’s former boss, Howard Stern, on his Sirius Satellite show, to quip:

“I’m going to make an offer to John right now: If Jay doesn’t hire him back, he can stay in L.A. and ask questions, and we’ll hire him to go to some of those premieres and ask questions again.”

“He can do that. It’s a dollar for every question.”

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Howard Stern: If Jay Leno Doesn’t Hire ‘Stuttering John’ Melendez Back, I’ll Rehire Him

Howard Stern did an about-face yesterday in his feud with former underling “Stuttering John” Melendez—or did he?

While interviewing him Monday on Mr. Media, host Bob Andelman asked John—who left Howard’s then-terrestrial radio show in 2003 to become Jay Leno‘s announcer on The Tonight Show—”Is Jay taking you with him to 10 p.m.?”


"I really enjoy working with Jay. He's been great to me thus far," John (l) tells us of his current boss (r).

(Bob—whose interview is cited in the New York Post‘s Page Six column today—was of course referring to Jay’s move to an earlier time slot on NBC this fall, with a show tentatively titled The Jay Leno Show, after handing off The Tonight Show to Conan O’Brien in June.)

“I don’t know yet. I haven’t heard yet,” John replied. “I’m assuming I’m going in some capacity—although assump- tions aren’t always good. But I really do hope that I am.”

The next morning, on Howard’s Sirius Satellite show, the King of All Media’s newswoman, Lisa G, reported:

“I have an update on ‘Stuttering’ John Melendez – appearing on [Bob Andelman’s] Internet radio show yesterday claiming that he has not heard yet if he will be following Jay Leno to his new 10 p.m. show. John says he assumes he’s going in some capacity, but he’s doing standup and building up his website just in case.”

Before we tell you Howard’s response to that update, we should note that, in February 2008, John appeared on Adam Carolla‘s since-axed syndicated radio show and ripped into his former boss, claiming Howard never paid him fairly and didn’t fight to keep him when he quit Howard’s show.

“He resented me doing any outside work,” John told Adam.

On his own show a few days later, Howard called John a “no-talent ingrate,” adding:

“I didn’t have a beef with him before, but I do now. He’s delusional… He can go #$%! himself.”


"I can't imagine the magic of that show without John," Howard (above) says of a Melendez-less Jay Leno program.

Now for the kicker.

Yesterday on Howard’s show, in response to Lisa’s update, he said:

“I’m going to make an offer to John right now: If Jay doesn’t hire him back, he can stay in L.A. and ask questions, and we’ll hire him to go to some of those premieres and ask questions again.”

But then Howard added, “[John]  can do that. It’s  a dollar for every question.”

Will Jay bring John to his new prime-time show? Will John— jonesing for a broadcasting gig after being dumped—return to Howard? Stay tuned.

In the meantime, be sure to check out John’s full Mr. Media interview, in which John also:

—Tells the story of his awkward run-in with Billy Crystal backstage at The Tonight Show years after infuriating the comedian at a movie premiere while covering the event for Howard’s show.

—Explains why, much to his dismay, his latest Internet video in which he sings to his baby son is rife with profanity.

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Jimmy Fallon: Vision Perfected. Now I Gotta Tackle My Persipration Problem — No Thanks to De Niro

Just when Jimmy Fallon got done fixing one biological imperfection, along comes another one to cramp his style.

And it’s all Robert De Niro‘s fault.


“I never thought a human could sweat that much,” Jimmy (above) tells us.

On January 27, just 34 days before he succeeded Conan O’Brien as host of NBC’s Late Night, Jimmy underwent LASIK laser eye surgery to correct his vision.

Now he reveals that he’s got to see another medical pro for what appear to be overactive sweat glands.

“I was sweating a lot my first show out. I was interviewing De Niro. I was just so nervous and excited. It was such a big night for me,” Jimmy tells BlogTalkRadio host Brett Cohen.

“Clearly, I have no control over my glands. So I have to go get that checked. That’s the truth,” he adds.

Jimmy later tells Brett that his pro- fusion of perspiration led him to kick caffeine.

“My producer was laughing at me. He was like, ‘I’ve never seen any- one sweat this much. This is hilarious.’

CAPTION: “It was pretty sad,” he says of his wet appearance opposite Bobby (left).

“It was pretty sad,” the funnyman says of his all-wet performance opposite Bobby D (left).

“So we made the studio colder, just to help me out. It calmed my nerves down, too. I haven’t really drank coffee since that day.”

Also during the inter- view, Jimmy tells Brett:

—Why he wants to know if there’s “a Girl Scout out there who needs my help.”

—Why he settled on a bowling roll as his signature monologue move.

—Why he believes he’s getting better at beer pong.

—And whether or not (Conan be damned) he’s setting his sights on Tonight Show hosting duties.

CAPTION: Jimmy prepping for his LASIK proceedure in January.

Jimmy being prepped for his sight-correction procedure in January.

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Della Reese: I Want to Return to TV – in Another Spiritual Show

For nine years, Della Reese warmed our hearts as Tess in the hit CBS series Touched by an Angel.

Della: Hoping to “touch” us once more.

Della: Hoping to “touch” us once more.

Now the legendary actress and singer says she’s aiming to return to the little screen.

Only this time, she’ll have more creative control.

“I’m writing a tele- vision show to go back to work on TV. I want to do some- thing in a spiritual vein. Sort of like Touched by an Angel,” Della tells REEL Ladies on the Spot host Nikki Love.

“I did nine years with Touched by an Angel and I want to do 10 years with this show that I’m writing,” adds the hard-working, 77-year-old entertainer.

“By that time, I might want to sit down. I’m not sure, but I might.”

CAPTION: Angel-ic cast (l-r): Della, Roma Downey, John Dye and Valerie Bertinelli.

Angel-ic cast (l-r): Della, Roma Downey, John Dye and Valerie Bertinelli.

Della also reveals why Johnny Carson chose her as a Tonight Show guest host – mak- ing her the first African-American woman to fill the late late-night king’s shoes.

She chats, as well, about her real-life role as a minister at the Under- standing Principles for Better Living Church in Los Angeles, telling Nikki:

“We call it the Up Church, because our message is up, our music is up and when you leave, you feel up!”

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