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‘This All Started Out of a Hobby,’ BlogTalkRadio’s Andy ‘The Chicken Whisperer’ Schneider Says in Wall Street Journal Cover Story

Is isn’t often that The Wall Street Journal runs page-one stories about people who make a living off the pet-poultry market.

Then again, these aren’t normal times.

Andy: Beakly wages.

Andy: Beakly wages.

So the financial paper of record does indeed sport such a feature today, complete with comments from BlogTalkRadio’s own Andy Schneider, host of Backyard Poultry.

“Andy G. Schneider of Alpharetta, Ga., who calls himself the Chicken Whisperer, hosts a daily hour-long Internet radio show on Continue reading

BlogTalkRadio’s Own Robin Walker: From the Windy City to Wall Street!

Attention fashion-challenged men (or at least the women who love them):

Run – don’t walk – to Robin Walker’s BlogTalkRadio show.


"There's never a barrier to style," says Robin.

How come?

Because the Chicago-based image consultant and custom tailor has got the magic touch when it comes to transforming guys from schlubs to studs.

Who says?

Well, the, ah, Wall Street Journal, for one.

Today’s edition of the financial paper of record quotes Robin (and plugs her show, Tailored Edges) in a feature about spring trends in masculine fashion.

“Men should avoid head-to-toe color,” she tells The WSJ. “You want to give the eye a place to rest. Yellow and black is harsh, but yellow and charcoal is delightful.”

When we mentioned to Robin that we’d caught her in our morning paper, and were duly impressed, she told us laughingly:

“My plan for world domination by 2020 is working!”

(Well, at least half-laughingly.)

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