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Gerald McRaney, Sarah Brokaw, Michael Landon Jr., and Fabien Cousteau Today on BlogTalkRadio

gerald-mcraneyGerald McRaney: The TV vet who plays Judge David Nicastro on USA’s Fairly Legal reflects on his 22-year marriage to Delta Burke. “We’re just still very much in love,” he tells Film Festival Radio’s Janice Malone. “We still look like we’re honeymooners, because we’re always holding hands and hugging each other.”

sarah-brokawSarah Brokaw: The therapist daughter of NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw sits down with host Janette Smith to discuss her new book, Fortytude: Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life, which Vanity Fair has hailed as “wise and compassionate.”

michael-landonjrMichael Landon Jr.: The actor-director son of late TV legend Michael Landon talks with host Patricia Raskin about lensing the Hallmark Channel movie The Shunning, which premieres April 16 and tells the story of  a young Amish woman whose mom comes looking for her after giving her up for adoption 19 years earlier.

fabien-cousteauFabien Cousteau: Jacques Cousteau’s grandson docks chez Doc Heather to talk with host Heather Lounsbury about carrying on the family legacy through his Plant a Fish foundation, which aims to restore and protect bodies of water around the world, while educating kids on the importance of marine life.

eveEve: The Grammy-winning hip-hop honey who played Terri Jones in the Barbershop flicks—before going on to land her own sitcom and appear on the hit Fox series Glee—drops in on Conversations of a Spirited Actor to chat with host Tracey Moore about her upcoming projects.

thom-beersThom Beers: The executive producer of Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers drops in on Tomorrow Will Be Televised to talk with host Simon Applebaum about his new Spike TV series, Coal. Plus: Make It or Break It executive producer Holly Sorensen.