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OWN Host Lisa Ling, ‘The Birds’ Star Tippi Hedren, and Xscape Member Tameka Scott Today on BlogTalkRadio

lisa-ling5Lisa Ling: The former View host drops in on Tomorrow Will Be Televised host Simon Applebaum to chat about her new gig, as host of Our America on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Plus: Keith Beauchamp, executive producer of Investigation Discovery’s The Injustice Files.

tippi-hedren6Tippi Hedren: The actress who starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and, a year later, Marnie, stops by The Jacque Heebner Pet Show to discuss her cat-rescue efforts at the Shambala Preserve in the desert community of Acton, Calif.

tamika0-scott1Tameka Scott: The Xscape member, who charted during the ‘90s with tracks like Feels So Good, Who Can I Run To, Do You Want To and Can’t Hang, stops by Real Talk to chat with host Michael A. McFadden about her upcoming musical projects.

att-stephaniemillsStephanie Mills: The soul powerhouse never knew love like this before—when she met the late Michael Jackson in New York City in the ‘70s, that is. “I thought I was gonna marry Michael. I was so in love with Michael,” Stephanie tells The Mutha Knows Show host Mutha of her one-time Valentine.

sheril-kirshenbaumSheril Kirshenbaum: Hachette Book Group Features welcomes the author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips are Telling Us, which Publisher’s Weekly has called “fascinating.” Plus: Diana Kirschner, clinical psychologist and author of Sealing the Deal.

It’s an A- to Z-List Edition of ‘The Mix’!

Well, sort of.

What we really mean (now that we – ha-ha – have your attention) is this: While more than a few of the guests in tonight’s lineup are firmly planted on the A-list, at least one is way over on the other side of the spectrum.

But guess what? We’re not going to tell you which celeb we’re brand- ing bottom-of-the-barrel; to find out, you’ve have to tune in. And when you do, you’ll also learn the answers such all-important questions as:

—Where Alfred Hitchcock first happened upon Tippi Hedren, and why he thought the then-fashion model – who had zero film roles to her credit – would be perfect for the lead in The Birds.

—Why no one would be crazy enough to give The Naked Cowboy a wedgie.

“Watch out! I’m gonna be the next Halle Berry,” Jessica tells us.

“Watch out! I’m gonna be the next Halle Berry,” Jessica tells us.

—How Chuck Norris failed mis- erably at age 34 – only to begin his upward ascent toward superstar- dom just a few weeks later.

—What makes Jessica Rich (left) – a.k.a. Rabbit from VH1’s The Real Chance of Love – think she’s “all that.”

—Why Amy “The Long Island Lolita” Fisher plugs her new triple-X website – then moments later proclaims, “I’m not a porn star!”

—Which song Sundays Sauce Pot host Marty “The Paisan” asks Franco Corso to sing live on the air – only to have the Latin heartthrob refuse.

—Why tough-guy Chazz Palminteri absolutely adores indy filmmakers.

So don’t miss The Mix, hosted by everyone’s favorite pod jockey, Shaun Daily, tonight – and every Monday – at 9 p.m. ET.