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Billy Zane: ‘I’m Ready for Fatherhood’

CAPTIONS: “I feel the family brewing,” Billy (above) tells us.

“I feel the family brewing,” Billy (above) tells us.

Billy Zane may not be hearing wedding bells, but he is sensing the pangs of parenthood.

Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio’s Olivia Wilder Times, the Titanic star, 43, hints that he’s pondering trading in his bachelor ways for a bassinet.

When a caller into the show asks, “Do you have kids and a family?” Billy replies:

“No children. And am not married at present. Was married when I was quite young, and I’m single right now – and kind of loving it. I hear the patter of little feet.

“But I foresee that – I sense it, I feel it, I feel it coming,” adds the actor, whose latest flick, Love N’ Dancing, opens May 8.

Moments later, when host Olivia Wilder asks Billy if he’s got a potential mommy in mind, he says:

“No. It’s just a sense that you get. I think I’m ready for fatherhood.

CAPTIONS: “We’re still quite close,” Billy says of Kelly (with him above, pre-split). “We’re good friends.”

“We’re still quite close,” Billy says of Kelly (with him above, pre-split). “We’re good friends.”

“But I’m not out there hunting for my bride – as of yet.”

Last year, Billy reportedly broke up with his fiancée, British model Kelly Brook, after a five-year, on-again, off-again romance.

About that relationship, he confirms that the split is a “done deal,” though when asked if Kelly may be on his mommy-target list, Billy simply says:

“That’s not really anything I care to discuss with you – or the world.”

To hear Billy’s full interview, which he also discusses shaving his head – and how he feels about being fitted for wigs – click here.

Enchanted, National Treasure, Titanic on MovieGeeksUnited!

Note: Kevin Lima and John Gaspard were moved to Sunday, 12/23. The links have been updated.

The Movie Geeks pull another special episode tonight with 2 1/2 hours of non-stop, jam-packed Hollywood talent.

MovieGeeksUnited Check out this all-star guest list scheduled to join the Movie Geeks United! show over this 2 1/2 hour special episode. Tonight’s show starts at 9pm ET and includes:

  • A “TITANIC” 10th anniversary tribute with film co-star Jenette Goldstein (and possibly others).
  • Blockbuster movie “Enchanted” director Kevin Lima [updated link]
  • Actor Glynn Turman
  • Author John Gaspard [updated link]
  • “National Treasure 2” co-star Michael Maize

This special star-studded Movie Geeks United! show starts at 9pm ET.