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Ryan Gosling, Michael Feinstein, ‘Criminal Minds’ Star Kirsten Vangsness and More Today on BlogTalkRadio

ryan-goslingRyan Gosling: The star of the critically-acclaimed big-screen romance Blue Valentine—opening today—chats about prepping to play opposite Michelle Williams. “Michelle was on board for six years and I was on board for four years. We had a lot of time to work on our characters,” he tells Milling About host Robin Milling. “Michelle and I lived in the house that our characters lived in, in Carbondale, Pa. We celebrated Christmas and birthdays and we had a budget, based on how much our characters made in their jobs, for grocery shopping… We kind of tried to recreate as much as we could, this life together of memories, so when it came time to shoot it we could draw on it.”

michael-feinsteinMichael Feinstein: The multi-platinum-selling singer-pianist—aka “The Ambassador of the Great American Songbook”—drops in on Laura “The Jazzy Vegetarian” Theodore to chat about his latest CD, Fly Me to the Moon, and about his new role as artistic director of the $170 million Center for the Performing Arts.

kristen-vangsness3Kirsten Vangsness: The actress who plays Penelope Garcia on the CBS criminal drama Criminal Minds stops by Indie Inner Tube to fill us in on its spinoff, Suspect Behavior, which debuts Feb. 16 and co-stars Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garofalo, Richard Schiff and Matthew Ryan.

kyle-richardsKyle Richards: Paris Hilton’s aunt, whose TV roles have included Alicia Sanderson on Little House on the Prairie, Gerry on Carter Country and Nurse Dori on ER, drops in on host Olivia Wilder to chat about her Bravo reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.watermelon-slim1

Watermelon Slim: The slide-guitar-playin’ bluesman, who was born Bill Homans, stops by Twisted South Radio to sample tracks from his latest album, Ringers, which features the tracks Tight Fittin’ Jeans, Truck Drivin’ Buddy and Good Ole Boys Never Change.

crystal-harris-hefCrystal Harris: When Hugh Hefner’s new fiancée—to whom he proposed on Christmas Day—dropped in on host Film Festival Radio Janice Malone in July, she dished about meeting the Playboy mogul’s former flames—and whether they gave her any advice. “It was kind of a let-me-figure-it-out-for-myself kind of thing,” she said. “Which I did—and it worked out pretty good!”

tonya-tko2TonyaTKO: The Love Guru—whose YouTube channel boasts more than 19 million views—is back for 2 hours of no-holds-barred, tough-love talk. This week’s topic? “I Don’t Need No Damn Man! Is the Modern Man Worthless to the Strong Independent Woman?”

Nancy Kerrigan, WNBA Star Tina Charles and Rob Pattinson’s BFF Today on BlogTalkRadio

nancy-kerrigan1Nancy Kerrigan: The former U.S. Figure Skating Champion drops in on Film Festival Radio to chat with host Janice Malone about her Dec. 25 NBC special, The Caesars Tribute: A Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating, taped earlier this month in Atlantic City, N.J.

tinacharlesTina Charles: The WNBA’s No. 1 draft pick for 2010—who plays center for the Connecticut Sun—drops in on The Final Word hosts JayReelz and J.D. to chat about her alma-mater team, the UCONN Huskies—who are just one win away from the longest winning streak in college hoops history.

barbara-mcqueen-steve2Barbara McQueen: Steve McQueen’s widow recalls a run-in the superstar actor had with neighbor Keith Moon—during which he blew The Who drummer’s bathroom window out with a shotgun. “He was dancing around grinning like a little girl, going ‘Oh my god! Oh my god!’” Barbara tells Red Velvet Media host Holly Stephey of Steve. “And I’m like, ‘Oh great, you’re gonna get arrested.’ So he goes, ‘Turn all the lights off in the house.’ So we just turned all of the lights off in the house and went to bed.”

tony-ferwin3Tony Frewin: Stanley Kubrick’s assistant of 25 years weighs in on the 17 minutes of lost 2001: A Space Odyssey footage recently found buried in a salt mine in Kansas. When Movie Geeks United host Jamey DuVall asks Tony if he feels the director would want the footage to be restored into the film, he replies, “No, he probably wouldn’t. Stanley really now belongs to history, doesn’t he. And I think you have to illustrate that. I don’t think you should re-cut it into the film, but it should certainly be available to people.”

bobby-long1Bobby Long: The British folk rocker—whose tune, Let Me Sign, was sung by pal Robert Pattinson in Twilight—chats about the superstar sex symbol. He’s just a nice guy. He’s a normal kid. He’s no different to my friends back home,” Bobby tells Milling About host Robin Milling.

tonya-tkoTonyaTKO: The Love Guru, whose YouTube channel boasts more than 38,000 subs—and 19 million views—debuts her companion BlogTalkRadio show tonight. Tonya’s maiden topic? “A Society of Sissies: Are Single Mothers to Blame for the Soft Socialization of its Boys?”