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Santa’s Secret Recession Weapon: 25 Toys for Under $25

Today is Black Friday – when millions of parents scamper out to get a jump-start on their holiday shopping.

Only this year, money’s tighter than the Grinch’s… well, let’s just say lots parents will be keeping the entire kit and caboodle – turkey, eggnog and mistletoe included – well within three figures.

St. Nick Wants You – to economize this Christmas!

St. Nick Wants You – to economize this Christmas!

Dear, pragmatic soul that he is, Santa Claus understands your economic woes.

So tomorrow on his weekly BlogTalkRadio show, the jolly old gent (with a little help from Mrs. Claus, of course) will unveil his first annual “Top 25 Toys for Under $25” list.

What’s on that list? Come on now – you know the drill: no peeking ‘til the program.

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