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Endless Possibilities

For a little over a month I have gotten to know the in’s and out’s of BlogTalkRadio, its been a fun experience examining all of the endless possibilities that BlogTalkRadio has to offer the public. Alan Levy and Bob Charish certainly have a gem on their hands here, and I am enthralled to say the least.

I have had the amazing opportunity to deal with people in all aspects of the blogging world over the past weeks. Comedians, political groups, journalists, writers, musicians, college students, special interest groups, and then of course your all around blogger.

What I find so amazing is the opportunity BlogTalkRadio gives to the public.

If you are a comedian, you can come onto BTR and set up a show and you can do one of many things, you can try out new material, its all archived and available for download after the show so you get to hear what you recorded and tweak your act. You can also do a live show, and take calls, and interact with your audience, Mike Trainor who is just one of our comedians here at BTR has been doing that, and he has done a phenomenal job. He has fun and gets to hear from fans from all over the country who may not get to talk to him otherwise.

Political use in endless I can go on about that for pages, but I will condense as best as I can. Town Hall Meetings, a local politician can host a show on BTR and do their Town Hall Meetings live on the air. They can take live calls from citizens and interact with them right on BTR. It would bring the Town Hall Meeting to people who might normally not be able to get out of the house, due to transportation issues, illness, bad weather, or just poor timing, and once again its archived and can be downloaded and listened to well after the Town Hall Meeting is over.

Campaigning, where else can a politician come onto a platform such as this and reach potentially millions of people without paying big bucks for for air time. They can let their voters know how they stand on the issues, rebut other politicians campaigns, take live calls, and all of it is once again archived and they can use it as a podcast later to play on a website or use in another form of their campaign.

Debates, opposing parties come onto BTR and have a live debate on the air, once again, archived.

I could speak on this subject endlessly like I said before but I think you get the idea.

Lets move onto writers, we have a few people coming onto BlogTalkRadio to do book reviews and they will be interviewing authors. This is free press for an author who normally would never be able to get air time on a radio station due to cost in advertising. This opens a whole new door for them in marketing their books. Once again, can be played back from an archive to use at a later date also.

Journalists have taken BTR by storm and are seeing the utility in this platform, they are taking the opportunity and getting interviews with people and getting them on a podcast and playing them directly from their websites and blogs.

College students using BTR to get their feet wet in media, and creating shows whether it be political genre, comedy, special interest group content, or whatever they could dream up, once again the possibilities are endless.

The typical blogger, this is the part that gets me so excited, being I’m somewhat typical. I have had the opportunity to create two shows, one is just what I like to call Coffee Talk, conversation if you would, a half hour of two people discussing current events and life.

I have also had the opportunity to interview on the air some pretty amazing people, comedians, actors, singers, authors, journalists. Where else in the world, can someone like me, the typical blogger get an opportunity like this? You cant, BlogTalkRadio is it. Its live, it reaches millions of people worldwide, and is a tool that is beyond ingenious. I actually used BlogTalkRadio’s platform one day to record an interview I needed for a written piece, downloaded it to my computer, and then was able to translate the interview into written form. I didn’t need to go out and buy a fancy tape recorder. I did it right from my phone and PC.

All of us at BlogTalkRadio want to thank our many hosts for using this new medium and we look forward to realizing these endless possibliities.