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Motorcycle Daredevil Trigger Gumm LIVE on BlogTalkRadio

Alan Levy welcomes Trigger Gumm, the four-time Guinness Book World Record holder for longest distance jump, on the day he aims to set a new world record. .


Trigger Gumm joins The Alan Levy Show Saturday at 11am ET. He’ll join Alan the morning before they air MTV’s Evel Knievel Tribute and Trigger aims to set a new world record for a tandem motorcycle jump. Trigger will be LIVE on BlogTalkRadio before he heads to MTV studios to broadcast live during the Tribute.

Mat Hoffman’s Evel Knievel Tribute airs during the MTV Jackass 24hr Takeover. The tribute will feature Trigger Gumm, Travis Pastrana, Midget (BIG) Mike, The Nitro Circus Crew, Johnny Knoxville, and Triggers Army.

Trigger’s latest world record jump was on July 23, 2006 at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma where he jumped a Roland Sands built Service Honda 450 for 274 feet, going vertical at 80 feet.


Trigger broke the record in Australia in May 2005 when he launched his Service Honda 500 cc motorcycle 277.5 feet, that’s over 90 yards in the air! He also has the record for height in jumping, going vertical at 80 feet high.