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Daily Highlights: Thursday; September 16, 2010


At 1 PM Enlisted Spouse Radio’s Beth Wilson welcomes Joe Mantegna, who plays David Rossi on Criminal Minds, and starred in such flicks as House of Games. Joe, whose eldest daughter is autistic, will discuss the challenges faced by military personnel with an autistic family member.

On Demand: Funnyman David Steinberg has been busy chatting with the greatest comedians of all time for new interview series—including Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, who watch movies together once or twice a week. Mel’s favorite flick? The Bourne Identity. Why so, you ask?  Check out Tomorrow will be Televised to find out!

At 10 PM OutTakes’ Laurie Baker welcomes Jerry Douglas, who has played John Abbott on The Young and The Restless since 1985. A crooner by night, Jerry will sample tracks from his latest CD, The Best is Yet to Come, which features such classics as Witchcraft and Just in Time.

On Demand: While paying tribute to his pal Tupac Shakur, Digital Undergrounds’ Money-B revealed there’s a trove of never-released tracks by the slain rapper floating around out there. “I know personally 4 or 5 albums I’ve heard that haven’t surfaced,” he told host Ravenda Dallah.

At 9 PM Artists on Demand host Vicky Gorman gets up close and personal with Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York City, who’ll chat about filming Season 4 of the hit Bravo reality season, and about her new Home Shopping Network jewelry line.

At 9 PM Fall makeup trends are filling the pages of fashion magazines, but how do you know which ones are worth trying and which aren’t? Paula Begoun and her Cosmetics Cop team help you sort out the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain silly of this season’s new products.

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Kid ‘N Play’s Chris Martin: Tupac Was Always Itchin’ to Rap—Even at the After-Parties

Just like James Baldwin was born to write and Michael Jordan born to shoot hoops, Tupac Shakur was born to rap.

So says Kid ‘N Play’s Christopher Martin, who befriended the hip-hop star during the late ’80s, when Tupac—who, tragically, would be slain in a 1996 drive-by shooting—was a background dancer for Digital Underground.

CAPTION: "He was always a very true and passionate about his talent and craft," Chris tells us of his assassinated pal Tupac (above).

"He was always very true and passionate about his talent and craft," Chris tells us of his assassinated pal Tupac (above).

“He always had the itch to be a rapper,” Chris tells The Focal Spot host Fredelyne Alcide.

“I can remember so many times where the big thing about going on tour was going to the after-parties.

“And I would go, of course, looking for the girls. And that’s all I wanted to do. But when you’d go to the after-parties and clubs they’d try to get the stars of the tour to come in the DJ booth to say a few words or rap.

“I was never interested because I just rapped all night during our show. And Tupac would be Continue reading

Oh, Snaps! Kacey Chills with Angela Bassett and the Rest of ‘Notorious’ Cast

No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

That is in fact Angela Bassett cozying up to BlogTalkRadio’s own Kacey Chrysler (you lucky dog, you).

Casey (right) feels the love from Angela.

Kacey (right) feels the love from Angela.

Yesterday, Kacey hung with the superstar actress and other cast members from the upcoming film Notorious, which tells the story of superstar rapper The Notorious B.I.G. (born Christopher Wallace), aka Biggie Smalls, who was shot to death in 1997 during the so-called “East Coast-West Coast” rap wars.

In addition to interviewing Angela – who plays Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace – the Chrysler Radio host was treated to a tour of Biggie’s Brooklyn home, school and other points of interest in the ‘hood.

Casey with Jamal Woolard, who plays Biggie.

Kacey with big-screen Biggie Jamal.

“Ms. Wallace said she was amazed at how perfectly Angela portrayed her,” Kacey tells us. “She also said Jamal Woolard [who plays Biggie] wasn’t acting. He was The Notorious B.I.G.”

As for his take on the Biggie flick, Kacey sees “big” box-office busi- ness when it opens January 16.

“I give it five stars!” raves Kacey. “Most def a must-see.”

And with Derek Luke, who plays P. Diddy.

And with Derek Luke, who plays P. Diddy.

To hear Kacey’s interview with the cast of Notorious and their real-life counterparts,  click here.

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