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Molly Ringwald Welcomes Twins! (But Neither Is Named Shaun Daily)

Try as he may, America’s favorite pod jockey can’t catch a break in his quest to, ah, break into showbiz.

On June 22 – just 18 days before the ’80s teen idol gave birth – TV Talk host Shaun Daily chatted with Molly Ringwald about her latest role, as Anne Juergens on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

“Congratulatons on the pregnancy,” said Shaun at the outset of the interview. “Do you have names picked out yet?”

CAPTION: "I actually preferred that," new mom Molly (above) told us pre-partum of having her pregnancy incorporated into her hit series.

"I actually preferred that," Molly (above) told us pre-partum of having her pregnancy incorporated into her hit series.

“Not yet, buy we’re keeping a list,” said Molly.

“I could recommend Shaun if you want,” added our unabashed host – prompting the ready-to-pop actress to chuckle.

But in the end, Molly and hubby Panio Gianopoulos elected not to make either one of their fraternal twins, born Friday in Los Angeles, Shaun’s namesake.

Instead, the proud parents named their daughter Adele Georgiana and their son Roman Stylianos.

Later in the show, Molly, 41, whose pregnancy was written into Secret Life, revealed her rationale for supporting that decision.

“I did not want to go a whole season walking around with towels in front of me,” she said.

“I also thought it was interesting, considering that my daughter [on the show] was pregnant in the previous season – having her go through the whole thing again.

“And having my grandchild be older than my new child is kind of funny, too.”

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Broadway Legend Patti LuPone: ‘I Don’t Know How I’m Going to Get to Work’

As if the Great Recession isn’t bad enough, now the City of New York wants to make it even harder for Patti LuPone to earn a buck.

 CAPTION: “It’s scary,” Patti (above) tells us of the number of Broadway shows that’ve been shuttered.

“It’s scary,” Patti (above) tells us of the number of Broadway shows that have been shuttered.

In January, the diva’s Broadway revival of Gypsy closed two months ahead of schedule due to (as the producers put it) “these uncertain financial times.”

And even if she does return to the stage in the future, Patti’s not sure she can make her 8 p.m. curtain – assuming that NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg moves ahead with his plan to turn (as the New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column puts it today) “the Great White Way into the Great Walkway.”

Last month, Bloomberg unveiled a proposal for closing Broadway to vehiclular traffic from 47th to 42nd Streets – in the heart of Times Square – in order to build a series of pedestrian malls.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get to work. Excuse me, I’ve got a show – move over!” Patti tells TV Talk host Shaun Daily.

“What am I gonna do? Obviously [Bloomberg] doesn’t go to the theater. Well, maybe he does. [But] I’ve never seen him.”

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