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U Smile Radio Meets Tiny Yarbrough

Manny “Tiny” Yarbrough will join U Smile Radio following up on his continued weight loss success, and talk about his recent trip to India for a wrestling/Sumo match.

MannyManny Yarbrough is 6’8″ tall and weighed-in at over 750 pounds as an amateur world champion sumo wrestler. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest professional athlete.

Today he is working to lose that fat and will discuss his methods and accomplishments on U Smile Radio at 9pm ET tonight. Manny is an actor, athlete, personality and hero to many.

U Smile Radio, with host Lesly Federici, is a weekly conversation with guests who share their life stories, challenges and successes. These stories are inspiring, interesting, and insightful (the 3i’s) for anyone who listens, even you! Call in to join the conversation at (646) 595-3739

More can be read about Manny on his website.