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BTR Summer Quotes Contest Winner of the Week: Vanessa Halloum

Congratulations to Host Vanessa Halloum of Empowering The Feminine Soul!  Vanessa received the largest number of votes this week for her entry in the BTR Summer Quotes Contest. She submitted a quote from her episode, “Healing the Weight-Loss Wounds with Carmela Ramaglia”:

“No one questions the diet and exercise model. We question ourselves. ‘What’s wrong with me? Why am I not motivated enough? Why am I not committed enough? Why do I stuff my emotional and intimacy issues or my fear of failure with food? If I could just figure out what’s wrong with ME I could be successful in the diet and exercise teeter-totter.’ But there is no success in a diet and exercise teeter-totter. It doesn’t work!” – Author Carmela Ramaglia; timestamp: 34:34

Host Vanessa Halloum is both an actress and a coach.  On her show, she interviews women from around the world on different topics and discusses ways for modern women to be successful and still celebrate their femininity.  Tune in to Empowering the Feminine Soul with Vanessa here.

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