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‘Kudzu Vine’ Host Makes Political (and Internet) History


Never let it be said that BlogTalkRadio isn’t helping shape the future of democracy!

Vernon Jones

Vernon Jones

In a history-making coup, The Kudzu Vine host David McLaughlin has booked the two remaining Democratic U.S. Senate candidates from the great state of Georgia – Vernon Jones and Jim Martin – for an exclusive debate on his show.

Airing Sunday, July 27 at 7 p.m. ET, the event was lauded today by Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Political Insider” columnist Jim Galloway as “the first high-profile debate that I know of to be conducted wholly on the Internet.”

Galloway also gave David a high-five for having additional impact on the race.

“This is the [show] where, one year ago, Jones acknowledged that he had voted twice for George W. Bush — which Martin has highlighted in his campaign.”

Not only Martin. Thanks to David’s scoop, Barack Obama also had something to say about Jones’ political faux pas.

In an interview earlier this month with the Atlanta JC, the Democratic presidential candidate said, “I do not endorse [Jones]; I have not endorsed him. He put my picture on his literature, without asking me.”

Jim Martin

Jim Martin

“Now I will tell you, in the southside of Chicago, and I’m assuming here in Georgia, those kinds of things aren’t uncommon,” Obama continued. “It’s a little less common to do when you’re a U.S. Senate candidate when presumably the scrutiny is a little higher.”

Obama added that he believes he met Jones at a previous campaign event:

“The reason I think I may have met him is I know somebody told me as I was shaking his hand that he had taken pride in voting for George Bush twice.”


David, meanwhile, tells us: “BlogTalkRadio is such a powerful medium to reach candidates and voters in both local and national races.

“This is just the beginning of a trend where more candidates use online radio as a way to spread their message.”