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Bill Cosby Reboots Hip-Hop’s Social Conscience with Live Town Hall Special

Bill Cosby has long been instrumental in instilling pride, self-respect and peace in America’s young people.

So it comes as no surprise that he’s now helping rekindle hip-hop’s socially-conscious flame.

The Cos: Comin' back for a great cause.

The Cos: Comin' back for a great cause.

Today at 7pm ET, the legendary comedian takes to the Internet with a virtual town-hall meeting that tackles such issues as peer pressure, abuse, education and, last but not least, sexism and violence in rap music.

During the 90-minute special, presented live from NYC and simulcast on BlogTalkRadio, concerned citizens will be invited to voice their opinions and share proposed solutions to the crisis that Bill says “We need to confront now, collectively and individually.”

He’ll also introduce the Cosnarati Band, Continue reading