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Daily Highlights: Wednesday, August 25, 2010

james-cameron3At 10 PM The most successful film of all time—Avatar—was inspired by George W. Bush. “I was writing the film in early ’05,” director James Cameron tells The Movie Geeks. “We were at the peak of the fighting in the Iraq War. I was reacting to the fact that I was infuriated by us going there in the first place.”

At noon Milling About’s Robin Milling flashes back to 2006, when she went one-on-one with country music powerhouse Billy Ray Cyrus—who turns 49 today. The Achy Breaky Heart singer gushed over daughter Miley, who was set to debut in Hannah Montana.

At noon Heat & Soul’s Jory Fisher and Beth Scanzani come alive when Elisabeth von Trapp—granddaughter of Maria and Baron von Trapp, whose story inspired The Sound of Music—drops in to chat about her own music career, and what inspires her to compose.

At 830 PM The Crazy Nick Show whoops it up with Chris Costello, daughter of the late Lou Costello—half of the comedy team of Abbott and Costello. Chris will discuss her dad’s 30-year career, which included vaudeville, radio, TV and movies, and what she’s doing to keep the legend alive.

At 9 PM Voices of the Sacred Feminine Karen Tate welcomes Wiccan priestess Margot Elder, author of Drawing Down the Moon, which is considered a watershed in American Neopagan circles, as it offered the first comprehensive look at modern nature-based religions in America.

At 3 PM E2 Radio hangs with Cliff Bell, veteran CIO and EnterpriseEfficiency.com blogger, who’ll share his firsthand insights into the issues and concerns that give today’s CIOs and IT leaders nightmares —from technology upgrades to cloud computing to Internet security.

*Please note that all show times are listed in EST time.

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