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BlogTalkRadio’s Mobile Ap an ‘Interesting Prospect,” Says MediaPost

MediaPost is duly intrigued by BlogTalkRadio’s new mobile application.

“Theoretically, a blogger could use the phone to make audio posts throughout the day just by calling them in,” the publication’s Mobile Insider columnist, Steve Smith, writes this week.mediapost1

“Subscribers could access the entries anytime simply by dialing into the voice channel. But extrapolate that model to brands and marketers. Promotional events, film premieres, celebrity interviews – just about anything that can be recited – could be turned into an on-demand call-in blog.”

“Just about anything we already do via text and images on Web blogs could be made immediate, vocal, fully mobile by putting the content into the voice stream,” he continues, adding:

“The voice channel remains under-utilized and under-imagined on mobile.”

Steve also discusses BlogTalkRadio’s partnership with Walmart, namely last month’s interview with Twilight star Taylor Lautner in conjunction with the hit flick’s DVD release.

“The live show drew 27,000 listeners and another 100,000 post-event downloads,” he writes.adage2

Speaking of Walmart, yet another leading publication lauds our Twilight campaign this week.

“The highest-impact digital initiative yet for Walmart appears to be the recent launch of the Twilight DVD, which set a record for preorders on its website,” reports Advertising Age.

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BlogTalkRadio Teams up with Walmart (and Star Taylor Lautner!) on ‘Twilight’ Special Celebrating DVD Release

It’s no secret that Twilight is the hottest flick to hit theaters since the Harry Potter series.


“We added a little more action and horror to it. Now it’s for everyone,” Taylor (above) has said about his smash-hit film.

And its March 21 DVD release promises to stir up even more excitement among fans the world over.

That’s why BTR is pleased to be partnering with Walmart – which today announced plans for Twilight shops in all its stores – to bring Taylor Lautner directly to the fast-growing Twlight community.

On Monday, March 9 at 9 p.m. ET, Taylor, who plays Jacob Black, will appear live from the set of the film’s sequel, The Twilight Saga’s New Moon.

During the 90-minute special, hosted by Stardish Radio’s JoAnn Kubasek and Momadvice.com’s Amy Clark, Twilight fans will be able to call into the show to interview Taylor, while also interacting amongst themselves in our chat room.

In the coming days, we’ll have more details about promotions surrounding the special – including DVD giveaways on your favorite BlogTalkRadio shows – so stay tuned to these pages.

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