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James Bonecrusher Smith on BlogTalkRadio

WBA Heavyweight Champion, Bonecrusher Smith, who claimed his title during a 1986 fight with Tim Witherspoon, will join KYTB Power Talk Radio tonight on BlogTalkRadio.

BonecrusherJames Smith, who earned the nickname “Bonecrusher” when he started his amateur boxing career in the Army, was the first to take renowned boxer Mike Tyson 12 rounds in 1987. He is the first heavyweight champion to hold a college degree, having earned a bachelor’s in business administration prior to his Army stint.

In all areas of his life, Smith points to positive thinking as the key to his success. “If you tell yourself that you are a winner and you work at it and work at it, you will be a winner!” Find out more tonight on KYTB Power Talk at 8pm ET.