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Kristen Stewart Is an Actor, Not a Movie Star, Oscar Nominee Melissa Leo Says of ‘Twilight’ Lead

Kristen: No know-it-all.

Kristen: No know-it-all.

It takes one to know one— which may bode well for Kristen Stewart‘s career.

Interviewed on Mr. Media, Melissa Leo, who was up for an Oscar for her role in 2008’s Frozen River, talks in no uncertain terms about the Twilight lead’s potential.

“Kristen Stewart will grow as an actress as she works… She doesn’t think she ‘knows it all’ by any regard,” Melissa, who co-stars with Kristen and James Gandolfini in the upcoming indy flick Welcome to the Rileys, tells host Bob Andelman.

She is not going to be caught in the persona she played in those Twilight films,” Melissa continues.

“She is going to Continue reading