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Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, HLN Anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell and Tru TV Exec Tony Horn Today on BlogTalkRadio

donald-rumsfeld3Donald Rumsfeld: The former US Secretary of Defense chats with Accuracy In Media about his new memoir, Known and Unknown, about which The Economist has written, “The reason why this book is still a good read is the extraordinary amount that the author has contrived to pack into his life.”

jane-velez-mitchell5Jane Velez-Mitchell: The HLN anchor, whose show focuses on high-profile homicides, cold cases and other hot topics, drops in on Gab with the Gurus host Connie Bennett to chat about her new book, Addict Nation, about which Joy Behar says, “I think I’m hooked. But in a good way.”

tony-hornTony Horn: Tru TV’s senior VP drops in on Tomorrow Will Be Televised host Simon Applebaum to chat about the network’s new reality series Hardcore Pawn. Plus: BabyFirst TV co-founder Sharon Rechter, and Doggie Moms creators Elsa Lai and Brook Jones.

att-wendywilliamsWendy Williams: The Queen of All Media reflects on winning the Thurgood Marshall Prestige Award. “It means a lot, as a woman, to be recognized in a leadership capacity,” she says. “It’s nothing that I set out to do—be some sort of role model… But boy, oh, boy, is it nice when it happens!”

tad-robinson1Tad Robinson: The soul crooner, who has been nominated for 3 Blues Music Awards, sits down with Icon Fetch host Tony Peters to chat about his latest CD, Back in Style, which harkens back to the glory days of R&B, and about his musical roots.

Flashback to Wendy Williams: I HATE Those ‘Leather-Look Leggings’!

Wendy: All hot and bothered—in the wrong way.

Wendy: All hot and bothered—in the wrong way.

Wendy Williams might be looking a little less trendy this spring—but that’s just peachy with her.

Last fall, the superstar TV talk mistress chatted with us about one particular in-vogue piece of apparel that took its toll where the sun don’t shine.

“I bought some of those liquidy, leather-look leggings,” Wendy told host Ceslie Armstrong.

“I wore them out one night. Well, my crotch was so hot. I took them off.

“Literally, my husband and I were at the nightclub together and my crotch Continue reading

It’s a Star-Studded Edition of ‘The Mix’

Smear on that sun-block and slap on those shades and because tonight on The Daily Mix, the stars are comin’ out in spades.

And if you’re lucky enough to snag a seat for this cavalcade of A-listers, here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

CAPTION: "She was one of the most well-proportioned women I've ever seen," Tony tells us of Marilyn (above).

"She was one of the most well-proportioned women I've ever seen," Tony tells us of one-time flame Marilyn (above).

—When—as Tony Curtis himself recounts—legendary costume designer Orry-Kelly told Marilyn Monroe, “You know, Tony Curtis has a better- looking a – – than yours,” how the iconic blonde bombshell responded.

—Why racing legend Janet Gutherie—the first woman to compete in the Indy 500— feels compelled to point out, “The fact that you don’t have broad shoulders and big muscles doesn’t matter.”

—Which Sopranos castmember tells us, “One day, I was standing there with Vinny Pastore and Michael Imperioli, and Continue reading