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Jeff Timmons: Hitting the High Notes

You may remember him as the hunky frontman for 90’s boy band 98 Degrees.  But if you ask Jeff Timmons, its been a long time since he graced stages the world over as part of the Grammy-nominated pop singing group.timmons1

Jeff Timmons is back, and better than ever.  He has reinvented himself, with a new solo singing career, as well as new media projects and endeavors.  The latest of which is a live interactive talk show on BlogTalkRadio where he interacts with fans, chats with friends, and shares his latest tunes.

Following the success of his 2004 solo album, Whisper That Way, which he wrote and arranged, Jeff has released his sophomore solo album in December of 2009, featuring new single, Emotional High.  Jeff is busy promoting the album and working with his multi-media distribution company, iamMedia.

Jeff joins The Alan Levy Show tonight at 8pm ET to discuss his career and how he is leveraging social media to promote his music.

Check out Jeff’s show on BlogTalkRadio.