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Programming Highlights: July 14, 2010


At 1 PM (EST) Doc Heather rolls out the red carpet for Heather Mills, who has taken vegan to a whole new level with VBites. An extension of her veggie café in the U.K., VBites is a food line offering delicious, healthy and environmentally-friendly alternatives to meat, fish and dairy products.

don-yaegerAt noon Train with Shane host Deborah Shane welcomes Sports Illustrated Associate Editor Don Yaeger, author of the best-selling book, Greatness: What Makes the Great Ones Great. Don will chat about his journalism career and busy lecture-circuit schedule.

joanne-roseAt 1 PM The Jazzy Vegetarian whoops it up with actor-producer Joanne Rose, who created Vegan 101. Originally launched on Will Ferrell’s FunnyorDie.com, the web series takes a comedic look at the vegan lifestyle and features such topics as vegan speed dating and vegan gossip.

tomatoes-in-the-trenchesAlso at 1 PM Tomatoes in the Trenches hosts Cheryl Benton, Debbie Zipp, Claire Callaway, Jan Bina and Judith Drake celebrate their one-year anniversary on BlogTalkRadio. (Way to go, gals!) Click now to find out how to win movie tickets, DVDs, Starbucks gift certificates and other prizes.

bo-diddleyAt 2 PM Mr. Media flashes back to 1985, when he went one-on-one with the late rock icon Bo Diddley—who said, “I’m the dude that Elvis Presley copied,” and griped about being cheated out of record royalties: “To know that something like this can happen in America is really sickening.”

michelle-bachmannAt 4:30 PM AACONS host Marie Stroughter sits down with Rep. Michelle Bachmann, the first Republican woman to represent Minnesota in Congress. The former federal tax-litigation attorney will discuss her efforts on the tax-relief and energy-exploration fronts.

todd-ewanAt 8 PM The Final Word’s JayReelz and J.D. kick it with former NHL tough guy Todd Ewen, who played for the St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens and Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Todd will chat about his distinguished career—and not-so-distinguished on-ice rumble with opponent Bob Probert.

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Jeremy Piven: I’ll Be Stalking the Audience at My New Flick

If you’re planning to catch The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard this month, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Not because the Will FerrellAdam McKay production is a horror flick. To the contray, it’s an outrageous comedy about a used-car liquidator named Don Ready who’s hired by a failing auto dealership to turn their Independence Day sale into a profitable venture.

CAPTION: "With this movie, there's nothing better than watching the reaction from people," Jeremy (above) tell us of "The Goods."

"With this movie, there's nothing better than watching the reaction from people," Jeremy (above) tell us of "The Goods."

But its leading man seems to have taken his high-pressure, hard-sell character to heart.

Interviewed tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Movie Geeks United!Jeremy Piven says he’ll be taking his promotion for the flick – which opens Friday and co-stars James Brolin and Ving Rhames – directly to the people.

When host Jamey DuVall asks, “Are you going to go out this weekend and sneak into some theaters?” Jeremy snaps back with: Continue reading

Debby Ryan’s Secret Energy Booster: The Spartan Cheerleaders

CAPTION: Debbie (above): Rah-rah-siss-boom-pop!

Debbie: Rah-rah-siss-boom-pop!

Forget the Red Bull. It’s Will Ferrell who gets Debby Ryan pumped enough to lay down peppy tracks.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the Disney Channel star, who plays Bailey Pickett on The Suite Life on Deck, reveals her secret for a successful recording session.

A lot of times I kind of sound like I’m takin’ a nap while I’m singing, because I’ve got a deep voice,” the budding pop diva tells host Zachary Sang.

“I do raspy blues stuff, which is great. But when the tempo’s, like, one million, then you gotta do a few jumping jacks.

“Actually, this is kind of really a dorky secret, but I’m gonna fill you in,” Debby, 16, continues.

“When I’m in the studio, and I need to get my energy up, I do a cheer.

CAPTION: Will with fellow faux-squad-member Cheri Oteri.

Will with fellow Spartan Cheri Oteri.

“It was a skit that I did at mascot camp. If you’ve ever seen Saturday Night Live, it’s a Will Ferrell skit – the Chess Club Cheerleaders.

“So, I have it memorized, and I go in the studio and I do it. And it picks my energy right up.

“And, literally, a couple of takes later, the producer has actually turned to me and said:

‘Hey, do your Spartan Cheerleader thing one more time, do a couple of jumping jacks. And then go and try it again.'”

To hear Debby’s full interview, click here.

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