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Tribute to Will Gage

We recently found out about the loss of one of our longtime esteemed BlogTalkRadio hosts.

Will Gage, a co-host of the very popular entertainment and lifestyle show On Da Set, recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

We would like to honor Will by remembering how enthusiastic and excited he was on the air, and how much energy he brought to the BlogTalkRadio community. While we are very saddened by this news, it is only fitting that another BlogTalkRadio host brought it to our attention, because he cared deeply and knew we, the BlogTalkRadio staff, as well as the other hosts and listeners would care too.

Our CEO Alan Levy adds,

I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of William Gage. Will was the co-host with Idalyze on the BlogTalkRadio show “Ondaset”. Ondaset is one of the most longstanding and special shows on the network and when I started BTR in the fall of 2006, every week I knew that I could listen to Will and Idalyze have an absolute great time while they were on their show. Will would always brighten the room and bring smiles to his thousands of fans. When other talk radio networks sprouted up, Idalyze and Will stood by me and BlogTalkRadio. I will never forget their loyalty and hearing Will’s greetings when I was lucky enough to be a guest on their show.

BlogTalkRadio is not just a website, like the countless other websites out there. We are a community. A community of people, passionate people, intelligent, critical, observant, and likeminded people who use BlogTalkRadio to communicate and reach a world outside ourselves.

We will miss Will, when we hear the silence On Air where we once heard his voice. We would like to plan a tribute broadcast, and if you are interested in participating, please drop us a line.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Thursday Highlights!

Thursday is here already and BlogTalkRadio is happy to bring you the three highlighted shows for today.

At 2 Pm EST we have The Wall Street News Hour, Get all the advertising you need without cash. Get all the cash you need with Angle Investors.

Then at 8 Pm EST we have Blog Business Success Chuck Zimmerman: Audio Press Releases and Podcasts -Broadcaster Chuck Zimmerman on talking press releases and podcasts to enhance your media coverage.

Then at 9:30 Pm EST we have On Da Set Live THIS IS YOUR SHOW! CALL IN & PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS & ASK ME ANYTHING -Celebrity Publicist, Idalyze Nasiha Rose & Jr. PR WIll Gage will be fielding Live Calls from YOU & Offering Industry Advice. Also CALL US and PROMOTE your business on the air!

Thats the Thursday spotlights.