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BlogTalkRadio’s New Profile and Episode Page Design Create a More Engaging Listener Experience

Beginning today, hosts’ Show Profile and Episode pages boast a more streamlined and compelling design that’s sure to capture listeners’ attention. And this is the first of many positive changes that are in the queue for release in the months to come.

The new pages are easier to navigate and rich in new features, making it even easier for hosts to engage listeners and amplify the viral spread of their content on BlogTalkRadio.

New episode player integrates images

New episode player integrates images and ads, making for a cleaner, more visually engaging experience.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most exciting enhancements available to all hosts:

—Easier to format episode pages. No more late nights learning HTML. Instead, you’ve got a WYSIWYG (or “what you see is what you get”) editor, which lets you utilize standard text-formatting features (like italics, bold, underlining, bullets and hyperlinks), and select font style and size.

—New image slide-show feature. You can now post up to five images on each Episode page to a more visually engaging listener experience. All images are automatically sized to fit the show description box, which means no more over-sized pics bleeding off your page.

—No more pop-up video ads. That’s because your Episode pages have a seamlessly integrated video player, which—when not running ads—contains your profile image or images that you upload to complement your show. If you participate in revenue sharing, this new feature will enhance your earning potential. But if you’ve got a Premium Plus and Pro account, and don’t want ads running on your Episode pages, don’t worry, there will be no ads as usual.

—More prominent “Share” and “Follow” buttons. Highlighting these features can help you grow your listener base and fuel the spread of your content.

—More embed-friendly player. Now that the “embed this episode” button is more visible and prominently positioned on both your Show Profile and Episode pages—as well as easier to use—listeners are more likely to syndicate your content via other websites and social networks.

For more details on the recent changes to the Show Profile and Episode pages, visit our What’s New FAQs.

If you have additional questions about the new features, contact our Customer Support Team.