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Savannah Outen: I’m Madly in Love with Hannah Montana’s Would-be Squeeze

Not only does Miley Cyrus serve as Savannah Outen‘s role model, but the budding pop princess has her eye on the superstar poptart’s TV beau!

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, Savannah – though unattached at the moment – dishes about what she desires in a guy.

"That just made my life. I was like, she knows who I am!" Savannah (above) tells us of Miley's Radio Disney acknowledgment.

"That just made my life. I was like, She knows who I am!" Savannah (above) says of Miley's Radio Disney nod.

“I am single with a capital ‘S.’ It’s so much better to be single. When you have a boyfriend, it’s so much drama,” the 16-year-old songbird, whose YouTube channel boasts 4.2 million views, tells host Zachary Sang.

“But I really like guys who Continue reading

Debby Ryan’s Secret Energy Booster: The Spartan Cheerleaders

CAPTION: Debbie (above): Rah-rah-siss-boom-pop!

Debbie: Rah-rah-siss-boom-pop!

Forget the Red Bull. It’s Will Ferrell who gets Debby Ryan pumped enough to lay down peppy tracks.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, the Disney Channel star, who plays Bailey Pickett on The Suite Life on Deck, reveals her secret for a successful recording session.

A lot of times I kind of sound like I’m takin’ a nap while I’m singing, because I’ve got a deep voice,” the budding pop diva tells host Zachary Sang.

“I do raspy blues stuff, which is great. But when the tempo’s, like, one million, then you gotta do a few jumping jacks.

“Actually, this is kind of really a dorky secret, but I’m gonna fill you in,” Debby, 16, continues.

“When I’m in the studio, and I need to get my energy up, I do a cheer.

CAPTION: Will with fellow faux-squad-member Cheri Oteri.

Will with fellow Spartan Cheri Oteri.

“It was a skit that I did at mascot camp. If you’ve ever seen Saturday Night Live, it’s a Will Ferrell skit – the Chess Club Cheerleaders.

“So, I have it memorized, and I go in the studio and I do it. And it picks my energy right up.

“And, literally, a couple of takes later, the producer has actually turned to me and said:

‘Hey, do your Spartan Cheerleader thing one more time, do a couple of jumping jacks. And then go and try it again.'”

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‘Sonny With a Chance’ Star Brandon Smith: Work Is One Big Par-tay!

Forget all that talk about a successful acting career taking years of practice, perseverance and dues-paying.

In the case of at least one Disney Channel star, the job is all play and no work – well, at least not much work.

CAPTIONS: “I feel like I’m, literally, at home,” Brandon (above) tells us of his workplace.

“I feel like I’m literally at home,” Brandon (above) tells us of being on the Disney Channel set.

Interviewed on WZAP Radio, Brandon Mychal Smith, who stars opposite Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton, Doug Brochu, Allisyn Arm and Sterling Knight on Sonny With a Chance, offers and idyllic look into his workaday life.

“On-set, it’s literally a party. I heard a famous person say, If you love what you do, you never go to work. That’s how I feel,” Brandon, who turns 20 next week, tells host Zachary Sang.

“I get on-set, I hit kraft service, I grab a slushie and some nachos; it’s 9 a.m., me and Dougie are rippin’ up kraft service; we go down to Serling’s room, play some Guitar Hero; might even do a little Midnight Four Racer on the Xbox,” adds the dapper actor.

“Then maybe we might go to set. Literally, set is, like, ten percent of our day. The rest is fun.

“If we’re not in Doug’s room playing Wii golf, jamin’ it out or in there just clownin’ around, then we’re just layin’ back. It can’t get any better.”

CAPTION: On the “Sonny” set, with (l-r) Tiffany, Demi, Allisyn and Doug.

On the “Sonny” set, with (l-r) Tiffany, Demi, Allisyn and Doug.

Brandon also confirms that the Sonny cast- members are in fact bowling fanatics, while boasting about bowling a better game than Sterling – who just last month on WZAP Radio boasted about consistently beating the pants off him.

“We religiously go bowling. We go every day, every lunch break. If there’s a chunk of time that exceeds 30 minutes, we are bowling.

“Right now, me and Sterling are battling for the No. 1 spot. I heard him say in your interview that most of the time he beats me – which is true.

“But we just went bowling recently, like two, three days ago – with me, Sterling, Tiff and one of our executive producers – and we ripped it up and I won.

“I bowled like a 155. Sterling bowled like a 130. So he was pretty mad.

“But I had to take him down.”

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’17 Again’ Star Sterling Knight: ‘I’m Miserably Single’

Poor Sterling Knight. He’s got a starring role on the Disney Channel’s hot new comedy series Sonny With a Chance.

To boot, he plays the son of Zac Efron and Matthew Perry in the new flick 17 Again, which this weekend overtook Miley Cyrus‘ big-screen debut, Hannah Montana: The Movie, at the box office.

"I constantly fall flat on my face," Sterling (above) tells us of his romantic overtures.

"I constantly fall flat on my face," Sterling (above) tells us of his romantic overtures.

But despite that success – and near-guarantee of a fabulous career – the 20-year-old heartthrob says that his love life is sorely lacking.

“I’m miserably single at this point,” Sterling tells host Zachary Sang.

And, apparently, that’s not just a line. Moments later the actor reveals his lack of mack-daddy- ness.

“People think I’m ob- scenely cool, but then they find out I’m kind of a dork,” he says.

“Usually, I’m the one who’s trying to make really awkward jokes and trying to get a smile,” he adds of his inability to impress the ladies. “And usually I fail pretty miserably.”

Later still, Sterling discusses his tastes in the fair sex.

“My general cup of tea would be Scarlett Johansson or Natalie Portman – or any of those wonderful people that will never talk to me.”

During the two-hour interview (which may be a BlogTalkRadio record for a celebrity chat), Sterling also reveals his admiration for the founder of JustJared.com and JustJaredJr.com, Jared Eng.

“I’d actually be more star-struck meeting Jared than I was meeting Zac Effron,” he says.

Among the many other fascinating tidbits you’ll learn about Sterling include:

-Why he wrote a story using nothing but the titles of John Mayer songs.

-What kind of car he currently drives – and how he plans to “pimp” that ride.

-Why he believes that “Twitter is kind of like volunteering to be stalked.”

-Why he’s worried about his dental hygiene – and wants to embark on a “floss revolution.”

-Why he says, “I think we should abolish political correctness.”

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