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From The BlogTalkRadio Vault

You’ll see on the homepage today we’re featuring some of our content from the Best of Page.

Our hosts have reeled some great guests onto the network in the time we’ve provided this platform. Occasionally, we like to remind long time listeners and introduce the Best of Page to the new listeners.

Whether you come to BlogTalkRadio for one particular show or host, with over 82,000 shows in the longtail, BlogTalkRadio has lots of other outstanding exclusive content you should check out.

So, From the Vault this week:

Brad Pitt
The megastar spoke about his Make it Right project in New Orleans
Yoko Ono
Replay of the exclusive live interview with artist Yoko Ono about the Beatle years
John McCain
BlogTalkRadio’s exclusive interview with the Republican presidential nominee

Yoko Ono – Artist, Musician, BlogTalkRadio Guest

The legendary Yoko Ono will join the BlogTalkRadio Today Show for a discussion of current projects in this exclusive live interview.

onoOno is said to be the most famous widow in the world. But long before and long after John Lennon, Yoko Ono was Yoko Ono. An avant-garde artist, musician and political activist, Ono has pushed the boundaries of the art, film, music and theatre media.

Today at 4pm ET she will join hosts Shaun Daily and Eric Olsen on the BlogTalkRadio Today Show for an exclusive live interview about her current projects including her 2007 critically acclaimed Yes, I’m A Witch.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Yoko Ono live!