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Bates Motel’s Nestor Carbonell

America’s Most Haunted talks to Nestor Carbonell of A&E’s Bates Motel. The show is itself a long-form prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal 1960 thriller. Carbonell plays Sheriff Alex Romero on the show, and has previously appeared in Lost and the films The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Carbonell talks about his life and career, having grown up moving around between many different countries,

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Actress Alysia Reiner

Summer Rayne Oakes interviews actress Alysia Reiner, best known for playing warden Natalie Figueroa on Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black.

Reiner talks about her method of getting into character, comparing it to raising children in that one needs to be “willing to keep on wondering about your child… and with your character, the same… ‘I wonder who you are.'” She says that she will “experience something, and then I sort of digest it to see how it relates to this character.” She also mentions the roles she won’t take, including “a killer” or “someone whose spouse has been killed.”

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Horror documentarians Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills

America’s Most Haunted talks to documentary filmmakers Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills, directors of Chiller’s upcoming two-hour special Killer Legends. The special investigates famous urban legends and the true crimes behind them.

Zeman and Mills talk about the inspiration for the show, saying that “finding the [urban legends] that have some truth behind them,” is of interest to them, and that, although “all of them do have truth behind them… there needs to be some part of it that’s unanswered, and it’s the unanswered part that allows us to create these urban legends.”

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American Idol finalist Blake Lewis

Northwest Prime talks to American Idol finalist Blake Lewis.

Lewis talks about his drive to work hard, saying that “I get my work ethic from my dad and my talent from my mom… I work as hard as I can and I have fun doing it.” He’s grateful to the show, saying that he ” will forever be synonymous with American Idol, and that’s great… I was one of the first people to ever arrange his own music on the show,” although he “didn’t really get along too well with the producers.”

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Glee’s JC Jones

Nikki Rich talks to actor JC Jones of Glee.

Jones talks about how he got into acting, saying that he originally wanted to be a model but “kind of fell into acting… it just kind of happened,” starting with Glee. He calls himself “very, very fortunate” to have the opportunity, having moved to Los Angeles with nothing but “a dream and a vision.” His life philosophy is that “you don’t have to have everything figured out… believe that everything is going to work out.”

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Simpsons writer Brent Forrester


Brent Forrester has written for such celebrated comedy shows as The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Mr. Show With Bob and David, and The Office. He talks with The Worst Show on the Web about his career and the craft of writing comedy.

Forrester, surprisingly, said that, growing up, he was never considered funny, and did not come into the career through any natural talent, instead beginning with writing short stories. He got into the field through Susan Harris, creator of The Golden Girls, giving him the advice “write the way people talk, and go at what is difficult for you.”

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Once Upon a Time writer and producer David Goodman

Barbara Barnett of Let’s Talk TV talks to David Goodman, writer and co-executive producer of NBC’s One Upon A Time. The show is a drama set in a world in which fairy tales have come to life, and is currently on its third season with a recent spin-off, the Alice in Wonderland-based Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Goodman talks about the directions that he sees the show taking.

Goodman thinks that the show is unique in its characterization of its villains, specifically Rumplestiltskin, “giving context to why they do what they do.” He also talks about that characters current arc, saying that the viewer will certainly “be teased with something to come back to,” and that the story will not simply “fade out.”

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Jim O’Heir talks Parks and Recreation


Jim O’Heir plays the perpetually put-upon Jerry on NBC’s Parks And Recreation, among a cast that includes Amy Poehler, Rob Lowe, and Aziz Ansari. He talks to the hosts from Worst Show on the Web about his role on the show.

They talk about the path that the character has taken throughout the show, having gone through two name-changes thus far, and his respect for the show’s writers, being impressed that the show has, in his opinion, managed to improve over its six seasons. O’Heir also discusses his career, comparing a steady role on a long-running series to “winning the lottery.”

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