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BlogTalkRadio: Creative Edge and Opportunity

Another testimonial from a host who has truly found value in BlogTalkRadio.

How has BlogTalkRadio changed my life?

Where do I begin? BlogTalkRadio has given me the opportunity to become a radio host of my very own show. I was able to eliminate the middle man and go straight to the source. I didn’t have to submit my resume, apply for an internship or simply beg and plead for a radio station to hire me. In the past, I tried everything possible to get hired by a radio station, just to learn the ropes and get my foot in the door. In this attempt to pursuing my dreams, I found I had to become creative. BlogTalkRadio has given me that creative edge and opportunity to show it.

BlogTalkRadio has been very enlightening and I have had such a great experience thus far. I was introduced to BlogTalkRadio by Amy Bakari of the “In My Pajamas Show. I am grateful of the opportunity she has given me. It has been a blessing to work with In My Pajamas. I am looking forward to the journey with BlogTalkRadio and the future of Internet radio.

“Show Producer”
In My Pajamas Show©

BlogTalkRadio: Improving the Lives of Hosts and their Listeners

This testimonial from a host demonstrates how BlogTalkRadio provides more than just a platform for speakers; it also provides a place where listeners can get what they are seeking.

My life has changed a lot since I decided to do a show on BlogTalkRadio a couple of months ago. I will admit I was a little apprehensive because I came from a blogging community. I didn’t see how the blogs I wrote could be transferred into a radio show format. Not only that, I wasn’t much of a public speaker. Or at least I THOUGHT I wasn’t much of a public speaker.

Being on BlogTalkRadio has affected more than me. It has affected the people who have listened to my shows. My show is based around giving insight on love, life, sex and relationship from a man’s point-of-view. It has affected a lot of people because of the emails I receive after I do a show.

I received an email from a woman who didn’t have the courage to face up to her family about her herpes status. But because of the show I did on herpes she was able to face them with some confidence. I received another email from a woman who had issues moving on in life after breaking up with her boyfriend. But because she listened to the show about my break-up experience she was able to not internalize her situation and deal with it for what is was. I received another email from a man who said he was able to start talking to his child’s mother after years of not speaking to her after listening to a show I did on single fathers. The list goes on and on.

My life has changed because I receive a number of emails on an every day basis from people who are looking for answers in the matter of the heart. I stay up until the wee hours in the morning answering these emails because they trust me to give them answers they seek. People need an impartial, outside point-of-view and it makes me feel good to know I was able to help them in some way. I know if I can help them…they in turn will help someone else in their struggles.

When I do a show I have only one purpose. If I am able to change ONE person’s life by something I said, I accomplished what I set out to do. Judging from the emails I receive on an every day basis…I think I am doing okay.

Thank you, BlogTalkRadio for allowing me and all of the other hosts an opportunity of getting their voice heard.

The Luvologist™

How BlogTalkRadio Changed A Life

The following is an email from host Miss D. Bleu that details how the BlogTalkRadio network changed her life. Read on.

BTR saved my life. I was in a funk, bored, feeling my creativity being sapped by a job I absolutely abhorred. Surfing the MySpace fantastic one fateful afternoon, I came across a friend’s blog and started hearing voices.

Thinking I was cracking up and that my job had finally snapped me, I started picturing what the padded room was going to look like. Then, I noticed a tiny little media player in the blog’s banner. I don’t know what made me click it, it didn’t look like a link to anywhere. Suddenly, I was in a world of endless possibility… I could host my own show! This didn’t seem real.

The wheels started turning and the plan formulated itself with little help from me. I had already tried to rally a group of my friends about 6 months prior to finding BTR to start our own internet radio show on a station that was well established, but the plan had fizzled and I was all but ready to let my dream of letting the world in on my personal punchline implode.

With BTR, I had a platform to discuss everything from Election 2008 to STD’s and everything in between while keeping the perspective fresh and funny. This medium has given us a fan base we would not have otherwise had and we will soon be branching out into party promotion in the Philadelphia area, an endeavor close to our partying hearts. My creativity returned, I got a new 9-5 and some day soon, WWTF Radio will take over the world! Or maybe just Philadelphia, but the chance to start is invaluable.

Thank you Alan Levy!!!

Miss D. Bleu
Co-Host/Producer of WWTF Radio

BlogTalkRadio – The Logical Progression

Not our words, but those of writer TimK for BlueVerse SEO, a development and search engine optimization blog.

The post, “Blog Talk Radio. The Logical Progression.” echoes a lot about how we feel here at BlogTalkRadio. Alan built this platform originally as an extension of the blog – but it’s grown into a new medium and so much more. BlogTalkRadio enables the purest form of conversation and communication over the Internet.

It’s the best of live interaction:

  • real-time social network
  • no downloads
  • listening is free and easy
  • your audience is just a phone call away

AND recorded audio:

  • RSS feeds
  • streaming or downloadable archives
  • embedded player codes for other sites

Here’s a clip from Tim’s post:

Blogtalkradio is the Logical Progression of bloggers everywhere, no longer confined to either type or badly made video, blogtalkradio combines the freedom of the blog with a structured talk radio format.

I believe that it is the perfect forum to learn, interact and grow as a blogger and all of us who are serious about blogging should get involved, support, click the ads and do all we can to support it.

Plus, TimK provides some jazzy beats in the post, too. Even more reason to read the whole post.

BlogTalkRadio Host Testimonial

Tuesday I posted a testimonial from a happy listener who found BlogTalkRadio an answer to a difficult challenge. Today, consider the following information from a happy host. BlogTalkRadio empowers hosts to be able to connect with listeners, celebrities and clients as this note from Penda of Virtual Fitness pulled from our Yahoo! Group attests.

Like Tuesday’s humbling correspondence, this post selection also notes the power of BlogTalkRadio for those who choose to use it.

BTR is the single most valuable thing that has happened to my business in a very long time. This free tool has enabled me to put a face to my business and convey my service and passion in a way that a website or slick advertising campaigns cannot. BTR, is a community effort because BTR is all about community.

In this multi-ethnic, national potpourri of people BTR would be the unifying platform to bring us together. The Hosts responsibility in these situations is quite influential. BTR is about to expand tremendously. The beauty of BTR is in its uncensored and accessible nature. Any one can have a say. Anyone can have a show where they can talk to the world. Because the world is your audience! So get ready for all kinds of people calling in to your shows. Be willing to get your feelings hurt. You’ll get over it. You cannot control your caller and would you want to? This is what makes BTR so enthralling.

BTR staff you are fabulous. I send you much love and anything I can do to help you guys flow smoothly and not work too hard and go too crazy because you all are doing perfect enough right now…It is my privilege and honor to be a part of the community.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, if you have something to share send me a note about how BlogTalkRadio has empowered you as a host or listener.

BlogTalkRadio Listener Testimonial

BlogTalkRadio is more than just about developing the next web-based tool. BlogTalkRadio is social talk radio. And that can lead to empowerment of many kinds. It has real effects for both our hosts and listeners. It empowers listeners in ways that surprise even us.

Last week we received an email from a listener that demonstrates the power of this new medium. It is notes like this that make what we are doing here at BlogTalkRadio even more enjoyable.

Here is part of an email sent to us by Samantha T. from Seattle.

My husband has been blind his entire life. We first came to your site for the Jericho campaign, as we are both enormous Jericho fans. It was due to us finding Shaun and his campaign, that we pretty much live on BlogTalkRadio now. My husband listens to many of your shows either live with my help or on the podcasts.
Your site brings the world to people like my husband who feel shut out. So many others in our society are now also hooked not only on Shaun’s show (he even makes the news interesting), but on the whole BlogTalkRadio site!My son listens to the shows about the video games, my daughter listens for the celebrity gossip shows, I listen to too many to mention (FlyLady, Lizzy, the Paranormal shows, etc). We feel that your site provides a service to so many that I had to let you know. Due to a show that is/was talking about our favorite TV show Jericho, we found a gold mine of news and information.

Thank you for your note, Samantha.

Do you have something to share? Send me a note about how BlogTalkRadio has empowered you as a host or listener.

BlogTalkRadio Draws Authors

Publishers Weekly covers BlogTalkRadio’s draw for publishers and authors in an article by Calvin Reid posted last week.

pw.jpgWe’ve talked about BlogTalkRadio and our Digital Podium in the past. In fact, we mentioned it not once, but twice.

Calvin Reid wrote a detailed article about BlogTalkRadio entitled “Blog Radio Site Draws Authors” that sums up how publishers and authors can use BlogTalkRadio to their advantage:

Levy was quick to note the importance of books on BTR, which offers a daily update of featured authors either hosting their own shows or being interviewed on the network…

BTR offers opportunities to promote authors,” Levy said. “Writers can do an online tour right from their own homes and publishers can create their own branded shows.” Levy is in discussions with traditional book publishers to use the service and has already signed several online publishers like, an online journal on pop culture that is syndicated to national newspaper sites, including the Boston Globe. BlogCritics publisher Eric Olsen said that after using the service for a month, “we’re extremely happy with BTR. It’s super easy to use.”

…Levy said BTR is “perfect for publishers looking to connect with their audience. Our hosts can engage people from around the world.”

Read the rest of the article at Publishers Weekly.

Seize the Moment with Alan Levy and The FlyLady

Our own CEO Alan Levy and Marla “FlyLady” Cilley have joined forces to teach people how to seize the moment and make things happen in your life! Today. Right now.

Now Is The Time is the weekly broadcast from Alan and Marla, two people who know how to get things done. And they’re making a difference, too. Consider the following testimonial sent to FlyLady, akin to what she receives on a regular basis.

This one is of particular interest, because not only has this women decided to pay it forward and help other people, she is using BlogTalkRadio to do it – from Australia. BlogTalkRadio helps people jumpstart their lives while jumping geography.

Dear FlyLady and crew, I took your advice to do it now, I am no expert, just an ordinary person ­ but I am just jumping in where I am! I have launched my own BlogTalkRadio program called Naturelady. Just as you hope to help just one person, I too hope to get people to make small changes to make the world a happier, healthier and more environmentally sustainable place. I just did my first program and I think it was O.K. I have a long way to go but I hope that one day I will have a small loyal audience. I have modeled my Yahoo group on yours, that is keeping all my web content free so as many people who wish to partake of the info can. FlyLady you have given me the wings to soar. HUGZ and love forever, Your FlyBaby, Naturelady

Now is the time. What are you doing to seize the moment?