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BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Kevin Kline joins host Robin Milling to talk about his film Darling Companion and his co-star, Casey, the dog.  He was directed in the film by his longtime friend, Lawrence Kasdan.  Kevin talks about how their plus 30-year relationship actually began with Kevin auditioning and not getting the role for the film, Body Heat. Tune in here.

Vanessa Williams (star of Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Broadway and concert stages) and her mother, Helen join Candi & Randy to discuss their new book You Have No Idea, which is an empowering celebration of the love between a mother and daughter and an account of the ups and downs Vanessa experienced during her career.  Tune in here.

Lamorne Morris, star of Fox’s hit comedy, The New Girl joins TD Radio to talk about how he got his start in entertainment.  He has appeared on BET’s HotWyred, several BET Awards specials and was the host of Cartoon Network’s popular game show, Brain Rush. Tune in here.

Randolph Duke’s fashion is etched into our memory. His designs on the red carpet worn by Celine Dion, Faith Hill, Mariah Carey, Charlize Theron and more. Randolph joins host Gael Sylvia and reveals surprising insights about the true beauty and spirit of women. Tune in here.

Laura Linney on The Stupid Cancer Show Today

Today, The Stupid Cancer Show on BlogTalkRadio is hosting a very special episode with guest, Laura Linney.  Three time Oscar and Emmy nominated actress, Linney stars in Showtimes’s The Big C, an offbeat comedy about cancer, for which she earned a Golden Globe.  On the show, she plays Cathy Jamison, a suburban Minneapolis mom with terminal melanoma.  Laura will be joined by Creator and Executive Producer of The Big C, Darlene Hunt.

The Stupid Cancer Show is a program of the I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation and is hosted by young adult survivors Lisa Bernhard and Matthew Zachary. It is a multi-award-winning international talk radio webcast that tackles hard hitting issues from politics, health care, civil rights and the environment to social media, entertainment, cancer research and education.

Tune in to The Stupid Cancer Show at 3:30 PM EST to hear Laura Linney live on the air.  Tune in here.

What’s New on BlogTalkRadio’s Featured Stations

As the darkest night of the year approaches, tune into Healthy Vision™ with Dr. Val Jones to learn safety tips for nighttime driving. Show guest John Ulczycki of the National Safety Council share safety tips for drivers of all ages, as well as ways to take care of your car. Optometrist and guest Dr. Cristina Schnider also joins Dr. Val to talk about what happens to your eyes at night and how you can take better care of your vision for driving in the dark. Tune in here.

Ida Liu, Managing Director and Senior Private Banker at Citi is featured on Deepak Chopra Radio on his segment, Keys to Success. Ida focuses on providing strategic advice and tailored solutions to ultra high net worth individuals. At Citi bank she heads up the Asian Client Group. Ida joined Citi from Vivienne Tam, a women’s wear design house, where she was Global Head of Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Development. Tune in to here about Ida’s transition from fashion to finance.

On the latest edition of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana, Frank welcomes Scott McGillivray, host of HGTV’s Income Property and All-American Handyman.  Scott gives his handy insight on how you can add income to your property.  Also, Cool Material senior editor, Ben Dahl joins Frank to talk about some of their best gift ideas for men from their 2011 Holiday Gift Guide. Tune in here.

It’s a Socially-Conscious Edition of ‘The Mix’

While it’s true that there’s no shortage of celebrities on BlogTalkRadio, not all of them are here solely to pitch their latest flick, show, CD, book or other entertainment project.

Equally as often, big names take the time to address issues of a social nature. And so, for your listening pleasure and edification alike, we’ve woven together a socially-conscious edition of The Daily Mix.

On tonight’s show you will learn:

CAPTION: "Our foremothers and forefathers always kept the heat on the system, even if they were not armed with guns or baseball bats," says Bill (above).

"Our foremothers and forefathers always kept the heat on the system, even if they were not armed with guns or baseball bats," says Bill (above).

—What comic Bill Cosby is referring to when he says, “You do not participate as a parent when you think the school system is going to do it for you.”

—When former E! News anchor Steve Kmetko—who now works for a website that connects the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to local events—says, “She’s just there to do a good job. She’s not there because of her sexual orientation,” who he’s talking about.

—Who Beauty Shop star LisaRaye is chastising when she tells us, “They think our stories are ‘ghetto’ or ‘in the hood’ or only depicted to be in the black population. And that’s Continue reading

It’s a Sociable Edition of ‘The Mix’

What with The Daily Mix being billed as “the show that brings you the best moments from BlogTalkRadio’s unmatched mix of social-radio programming,” it was only matter of time before we stumbled upon a sociable edition.

And now that we have, you’ll want to be front and center tonight, because that’s when you will learn:

CAPTION: "It was really effortless," Steven tells us of sharing the silver screen with Al Pacino. "We were best friends."

"It was really effortless," Steven tells us of sharing the silver screen with Al Pacino. "We were best friends."

—Which of his Scarface co-stars Steven Bauer is referring to when he says, “Our relationship was cemented the day we met. We had a natural chemistry.” (Hint: His last name contains the letters “P-a-c-i-n-o.”)

—In what context Bill Cosby tells us, “I’m gonna post audio, and after the audio, they will Tweet me.”

—When True Blood creator Alan Ball tells us, “If it does mean something about the human psyche, I don’t know what it is,” which current pop-culture craze he’s talking about. Continue reading

It’s a Pot-Luck Edition of ‘The Mix’

‘Round and ’round the sound bites go, where they stop, nobody knows—except us.

Because we’ve just compiled 10 of last week’s best into a pot-luck edition of The Daily Mix, which we’ll be bringing you tonight at 9 pm ET. At that time, you will learn:

CAPTION: "It's just not my forte," Sela (above) tells us of blood-curdling cries.

"It's just not my forte," Sela (above) tells us of blood-curdling cries.

—Why screen siren Sela Ward tells us that the hardest thing she had to do recently was “learning how to scream.”

—Why funny lady Margaret Cho tells us, “For me, sex is a sacrament, and I try to have it many times a day as many times as possible with as many people as possible.”

—Why Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe tells us that screen icon Michael Douglas “pulled me aside and said, ‘You gotta relax a little bit.'”

—Why Justine Wachsbeger, who plays Gianna in next month’s Twilight sequel, New Moon, tell us that she’s “just really not attracted by” stars Rob Pattinson Continue reading

It’s a Nostalgic Edition of ‘The Mix’

It’s no secret that BlogTalkRadio regularly features appearances by up-and-coming, recently-burst-onto-the-scene and veteran celebs.

Nor that, during their always-compelling interviews, this fabulous array of talent often waxes nostalgic about days gone by.

CAPTION: "That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do-to fight a guy that I loved," Larry (above) tells us of former boss Muhammad Ali.

"That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do—fight a guy that I loved," Larry (above) tells us of one-time boss Muhammad Ali.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re dedicating an entire edition of The Daily Mix to just such moments.

On tonight’s show, among other chestnuts, you will hear:

—Former world heavyweight champ Larry Holmes reminisce about battling Muhammad Ali in the ringafter The Greatest took Larry under his wing as a sparring partner for four years.

Space 1999 star Barbara Bain weigh in on reprising her role in that ’70s sci-fi show—and if she’s even aware that Continue reading

It’s an Uneasy Edition of ‘The Mix’

Not every edition of The Daily Mix can be happy and peppy and bursting with love (an allusion that should perk up the ears of Odd Couple fans).

Sometimes, interviews are fraught with annoyance, anxiety, despair and such. So it was bound to happen that we came upon an uneasy edition of the show that brings you the best moments from our unmatched mix of social-radio programming.

CAPTION: "They don't know their a - - from a whole in the ground," Jonathan (above) tells us of his fellow Young Hollywoodians.

"They don't know their a - - from a hole in the ground," Jonathan (above) tells us of his fellow Young Hollywoodians.

On tonight’s show, you will learn:

—Why—before telling us that Steve Martin is “just the coolest guy to work with”—Jonathan Bennett, star National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year, says, “There’s a lot of young people out there today who are jerks. They don’t know what they’re doing. They’re not talented.”

—When Mary Jo Buttafuoco says, “He’s like a white-collar sociopath. People trusted their life savings to this man,” who she’s referring to.

—How Halloween 4 star Ellie Cornell —who tells us of her character, “Rachel was to get scissors shoved down her Continue reading