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Milling About with “Broadway Idiot” Director Doug Hamilton

Robin Milling talks to Doug Hamilton, director of the new documentary Broadway Idiot. The documentary follows the production of Green Day’s Broadway musical American Idiot.

Hamilton shares some of the most exciting moments of the production, including seeing the band see the show for the first time. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong helped in the film’s production, providing Hamilton with old family videos.

He also talks about the upcoming film adaptation of American Idiot, starring Armstrong himself. The musical’s producers are currently in discussion with Tom Hanks’ production company Playtone.

For his next project, Hamilton is doing a 2-hour PBS special on the Normandy landings or, as he says, going “from Green Day to D-Day.”

Listen to the full episode here.

BlogTalkRadio Recent Show Highlights

Clive Owen confronts his own nightmares when it comes to his children. Starring in the film Intruders he tells host Robin Milling how easy it is for unwelcomed intruders to bypass the Internet and how he regulates his daughters’ social media surfing.  Tune in here.

TNNDN Radio is proud to welcome former Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN analyst Lou Holtz. Lou was the last head coach at Notre Dame to win a National Championship, as well as to coach a Heisman Trophy winner.  He offers his thoughts on the 2012 Football season for the Irish.  Tune in here.

VividLife Radio welcomes California Secretary of Education Bonnie Reiss to discuss political mindfulness and the power of consciousness in a changing world.  In her role, Bonnie Education is the primary education advisor to the Governor and is tasked with ensuring that there is access to quality education for all Californians. Tune in here.

Curt Smith of the popular recording duo Tears For Fears visits with Olivia Wilder updates us on his recording, film scoring, television appearances, and other projects.  Tune in here.

‘Dumb & Dumber’ Star Jeff Daniels: Ready to Duet with Jeff Bridges?

Here’s a lesson in how not to score points with the missus—as Jeff Daniels learned the hard way.

Interviewed today on Milling About, the Terms of Endearment star, who’s been writing songs for 30 years, tells host Robin Milling what inspired him to pen one about an RV.

"I don't write hits. I don't send out demos to famous singers. I just write songs," Jeff (above) says of his music.

Jeff: RV move (Real Vapid, that is.)

“I was in a recreational vehicle years ago, and I pulled into a truck stop and got recognized as Jeff Bridges, which threw me off,” says Jeff, whose new flick, Paper Man, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Lisa Kudrow, opens today.

“I topped off my tank, got into my recreational vehicle and pulled out—and I’d forgotten my wife!” adds Jeff of Kathleen, his high school sweetheart to whom he has been married for 31 years.

“Maybe me and Jeff should do a CD together. Or Dumb and Dumber-the sequel!”

Jeff, who’s currently starring opposite Lucy Liu on Broadway in God Of Carnage, also discusses his lack of Continue reading

Social Media Tips for Small Business on ‘Coach Tim’

socialnomics-graphicI do not think that anyone would argue the fact that social media is changing how we interact and do business online. Last week there was a great show on BlogTalkRadio hosted by Tim Dollmeyer of “Coach Tim.” It highlighted how social media can help a small business market more efficiently and effectively. The show’s featured guest, Erik Qualman, shared some interesting perspectives on the space and helpful tips from his recently published book called Socialnomics.

In this hyper-connected world we live in, we increasingly turn online to do research and make decisions on products and services. With the advent of social media, the online search has gone well beyond just searching and finding product listings on a company’s website. We can now read what other people think about products in a wide range of online forums and easily reach out to our networks with tools like Twitter or Facebook to get suggestions. Positive (and negative) feedback now spreads much more quickly. And according to Qualman, the influence of an individual’s social graph is continuing to grow in importance with the release of services such Google Wave, Google Sidewiki and others.

That is why it is so important for businesses of any size to understand and leverage social media as they build relationships with their customers and prospects. In Coach Tim’s show, Qualman referenced that businesses are having to shift their sales and marketing strategies and take a more Dale Carnegie-like approach, “Listen first, sell later.” And social media provides an excellent way to listen.

Qualman shared a simple four step plan for small businesses looking to get started with social media marketing.

1) Listen to what people are saying about your company (and your competitors.) Qualman suggested that this is the best place to start. He also provided some great suggestions on FREE listening tools: Twitter Search, Google Blog Search, and Yahoo Site Explorer. You can also find a great list of other social media listening tools in this Marketing Profs article

2) Interact and join the conversation. Find a way to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense for your business. This is an area where BlogTalkRadio helps a large number of small businesses by empowering them to join the social media conversation with a live, interactive radio show. We also have a cool new service called Cinch that helps business join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook with engaging audio, text and photo updates.

3) React to the conversation. One of the best ways to build relationships with your customers is to show them you value their feedback. Make sure that you are taking action on and acknowledging the feedback you receive.

4) Soft selling. If you take care of the first three steps, Qualman suggested the process of selling will be much easier, because you have been listening to what they want and have showed them that you value the relationship.

If you run a small business and are looking to find out how you can start to experiment with social media, this is a great show to listen to. You can listen to the full episode below.

Kristin Chenoweth: I’d Love to Play Glinda on the Silver Screen

Kristin Chenoweth is raring to reprise her Wicked role in the upcoming movie version of the Tony Award-winning musical – assuming she’s still young enough to walk!

Interviewed on Fruit Salad, the diva, who originated Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, says she’d sign on for the flick in a flash, though doesn’t hold out much hope that the opportiunity will present itelf anytime soon.

CAPTION: "I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting," Kristin tells us of the chance to bring Glinda to the cineplex.

"I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting," Kristin tells us of the chance to bring Glinda to the Cineplex.

“All I can tell you is that I think the movie will definitely happen,” Kristin, who turns 41 this month, tells hosts Pauly and Marky.

“But I might be old enough to play Madame Morrible [the headmistress at Glinda’s university] by the time that thing comes into fruition.”

“I think they’re going to try and suck it dry for as much money as they can before they make the movie,” she adds of the 2010- slated project – in which IMDb only lists her as being “rumored” to play Glinda.

“If you think about it, Chicago and Phantom – it was 20 years or so before either of those was made into a film.

“But, obviously, I would love to do it for film, because I created it and originated it. And I’m sure Idina [Menzel, who originated the co-starring role of Elphaba] feels the same way.”

Wicked, which debuted on Broadway in 2003 – with a score by Stephen Schwartz, who also wrote Godspell and Pippin – tells the pre-Wizard of Oz story of Glinda’s relationship with Elphaba, who will go on to morph into the Wicked Witch of the West.

To hear Kristen’s full interview, click here.

David Mamet Screenwriter and Playwright on BlogTalkRadio

Mamet Shaun OMAC welcomes the world famous screenwriter and playwright David Mamet to BlogTalkRadio Today.

At 2pm ET, Mamet (click to listen) and his extremely talented wife, actress and singer Rebecca Pidgeon will join BC’s Phillip Winn and Shaun OMac.

Mamet has a new movie out “Red Belt” for which Ms. Pidgeon performed much of the soundtrack. Join them all LIVE today.

Actor Moses Brings Plenty Joins BlogTalkRadio

DreamCatcher Entertainment welcomes Moses Brings Plenty, Lakota spokesperson, actor, model and musician to BlogTalkRadio.

Mo Brings PlentyTonight at 10pm ET, join Mo Brings Plenty. Moses is Oglala Lakota born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, fluent in the Lakota language, culture and traditions. He is a gifted musician, actor, model and spokesperson.

As a gifted musician, he is a traditional drummer, percussionist, and vocalist. As an actor, he has worked in television, film and theatre, including Rez Bomb, Hidalgo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The History Channel’s Comanche Warrior, which was filmed on the Wild Horse Sanctuary in the southern Black Hills. He also played the role of “Crazy Horse” on The History Channel’s investigating history documentary, Who Killed Crazy Horse. Additionally, he participated in the BBC’s piece Custer’s Last Stand.

Moses is an advocate for Indian elders and youth. Proactive and visionary, he works toward helping the people through traditional ceremony and prayer to provide and build for the youth, a way of life that so many who have come before him have sacrificed to create.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Shining Elk Management and Publicity

Dance with Marissa Jaret Winokur Tonight

Marissa Jaret Winokur joins BlogTalkRadio tonight.

MarissaBroadway star and season six Dancing with the Stars contestant Marissa Jaret Winokur joins Fruit Salad tonight at 10pm ET.

Marissa won a Tony for her performance as Tracy Turnblad in the highly successful Broadway musical adaptation of John Waters’ film Hairspray.

Join her live tonight to get the inside Winokur scoop.