How to Find Free and Legal Images for Your Blog & Show Pages


Always have permission to use an image. Failure to do so can result in a removal request...or worse.

More BlogTalkRadio hosts are using their blogs, both at BlogTalkRadio and at their own domains, to promote their shows. We think that’s terrific! Blogs are the perfect accompanyment to an online radio show – and vice versa. While we’re thrilled so many of you are getting your blog on, we’d like to offer a reminder that images are protected by copyright laws. Just because you find an image using Google Images Search doesn’t mean it’s yours to use. Like written content and music, if you don’t have permission to post an image to your blog or BlogTalkRadio show page, it means you’re using it illegally. Fortunately, there are several ways to find legal images.

Creative Commons: Images falling under the creative commons are yours to use. Sometimes there are instructions, for instance, you might be required to provide attribution. Two places to find tons of images falling under the Creative Commons are Wikimedia Commons and Flickr. Before downloading, be sure to follow all the instructions. Failure to comply might result in a request to remove the image or even a lawsuit. Please note that not all images at Flickr fall under the Creative Commons umbrella. Be  sure to research if the image is yours to use.

Morgue File – Lots of amateur photographers post their images to Morgue File and allow you to use them at no charge. You won’t find any celebrity images there, but there’s lots of cool photography happening. Again, with Morguefile be sure to read all the instructions. Do provide image attribution and link to the photographer’s profile.

stock.xchng stock.xchng offers images from professional and amateur photographers alike. Though it does offer premium content, much of the images are free. As with the other services, it’s best to check all the terms and provide attribution.

PicApp offers free celebrity images – but theres a twist – you have use their captioning, including their advertising. To place an image on your blog, you have to use their javascript. You don’t have to offer attribution because the wording comes up automatically on each post. Also, because you embed the link and don’t upload the photo, you’re not hosting it on your blog.

Newscom – A great service for those blogging about current events or celebrity issues. Newscom offers both free and premium content. The free content is mostly publicity stuff, but most bloggers find images that work.

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