How Do You Say Thank You to Your BlogTalkRadio Guests?


Do you know what I like to do for many of our BlogTalkRadio guests? If I can find a way to get in touch with them I send them a little thank you note.  The note offers our gratitude for their taking the time to talk with our host, and also taking questions from the BlogTalkRadio community.  I also offer the guest a link to the show segment so he can listen any time, plus the code to that show’s player. This way the guest can play the segment on his or her blog or website.

Obviously I can’t contact every single guest who appeared on every single show, but if we had someone particularly notable, or someone who went above and beyond, I like to say thanks. Plus, by sending links and code for the player, there’s a good chance the guest may play the show on his own site, and that’s good news for all involved. Plus I just believe it’s good manners, and good manners might encourage return visits – or the guest might like the vibe so much he’ll consider hosting his own show. It’s win-win.

So share…how do you say thank you to your guests?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Say Thank You to Your BlogTalkRadio Guests?

  1. W.B. Ward

    Simple is best, I alays say. Since my show is weekly, finding the time to send an appreciative email is simple. If the person is known to me and live relatively close, meeting for a cup of coffee is always nice, too.

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